HUDSON: District 66 Candidate Remarks After Runoff Results – Thanks, Excitement, and St. George

According to The Advocate the special election on February 21st decided that “A current member and former member of the Baton Rouge Metro Council will face each other in a runoff election to decide who will represent southeast Baton Rouge in the state House of Representatives.

With all 4,243 votes counted in Saturday’s low-turnout special election, Buddy Amoroso received 1,512 votes or 35.6 percent of the total votes cast. Darrell Ourso followed with 1,477 votes in an election that pitted four candidates to replace former state Rep. Hunter Greene, who is now a family court judge.

The runoff election is set for March 28, a Saturday. Early voting is March 14 to March 21.”

24 Feb. 22


On election night and days that followed the candidates shared remarks on facebook about the results. Most of their status updates were thanking their supporters. Amoroso and Ourso also made hopeful remarks about the upcoming runoff campaign. Bond remarked about not making the runoff but said he was proud to have brought certain issues to the forefront of this race. Nelson, who had the longest remarks, covered more than just the end of her race for representative. She, like the others, thanked her supporters and volunteers. But in the end went back to her roots, revealing what might have been her true motivation for jumping in the race, and closed her statement with a jab at St. George. Her final sentence was “And this St. George thing isn’t over yet… so has anyone seen my light saber? 🙂 We’ve still got some work to do.”  She is right that the “St. George thing isn’t over” but it is most likely why her campaign is.

The St. George Leader reports that “Overall, the results from Saturday’s Special Election has to be considered a big victory for the effort to incorporate the proposed City of St. George and a defeat for anti-St. George forces. House District 66 includes a large portion of the proposed city. Two candidates came out strongly in favor of St. George — Metro Councilman Buddy Amoroso and former Metro Councilman Darrell Ourso. Together, they received nearly 71 percent of the vote. Republican Rick Bond, who said he thought people should have the right to vote on St. George but was undecided on how he would vote, received 18.17 percent. But the big loser was Susan Nelson, the former Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party and a leader of the anti-St. George effort. She openly campaigned against St. George. But her reception from voters was disappointing, to say the least. Nelson received only 483 votes, or 11.38 percent of the votes cast. For objective observers, the results show anti-St. George forces have a lot of wind and fury but few advocates in the St. George area. Those opposed to St. George will have to rely on legal maneuvering and the courts to try to block St. George, because the public appears more and more likely to support incorporation.”



28 Feb. 23





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