VIDEO: Watch Jen Psaki Make An Idiot Of Herself Defending Obama’s Comments About The “Random” Paris Shooting

Yesterday there was a middling-sized controversy over an idiotic statement made by President Obama regarding the wave of Islamic terrorism that hit Paris last month – namely, Obama’s characterization of the massacre at a kosher supermarket as a random shooting.

Jihadist Amedy Coulibaly specifically targeted that supermarket because it was a kosher establishment and there would be Jews inside. This is obvious and inarguable. And yet, when Obama used some incredibly unwise and indiscriminate language to make it sound like he thought Coulibaly was totally indiscriminate in his murderous attacks his people jumped in to compound the mistake by trying to defend it.

First came White House spokesman Josh Earnest with an outpouring of nonsense – specifically, saying the shooting was random in that the victims weren’t targeted by name but because they happened to be in the supermarket (a kosher supermarket anyone would expect to be full of Jews). ABC News’ Jonathan Karl was having none of that.

But as bad as that got, things actually became a lot worse once the State Department’s Jen Psaki tried to crank up her spin machine…

This has unleashed a good deal of speculation about why it is that the Obama administration would be fighting for the president’s statements rather than just admit a gaffe. Perhaps the most spot-on analysis comes from Ace of Spades

These are not “mistakes” or slips of the tongue; this is what Obama really believes. He really believes that Westerners and Whities deserve to take a little bit of death at the hands of third-world freedom fighters, so we should shut up about it when it happens, and just accept we had some of this coming.

He is not president to fight terrorists; he is president to pretend to be against gay marriage before blessing it and to redistribute income.

And Andrew McCarthy at National Review points out how factually absurd Obama’s statement was that his minions are trying to defend…

Sure, we know Coulibaly called a French TV station during the siege, said he was loyal to the Islamic State that has nothing to do with Islam, and that he picked this kosher market because he was targeting Jews. But you can’t believe everything you hear on TV — just ask Brian Williams.

Come to think of it, the Paris attack seems an awful lot like another random one in 2008. Back then, another group of Pakistani terrorists who just happened to be Muslim, and who belonged to the Lashkar-e-Taiba Islamic terrorist organization that has nothing to do with Islam, went looking for random folks to kill and just happened to stumble on the Nariman House, a Chabad Lubavitch Jewish center which, coincidentally, had Jews in it — Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, then six months pregnant.

Of course, when they were randomly detaining these two folks who happened to be Jewish before randomly killing them, the terrorists who happened to be Muslim were overheard in radio transmissions discussing how “the lives of Jews were worth 50 times those of non-Jews” in this jihad that had nothing to do with Islam. But hey, totally random, right?

By the way, have you ever flipped randomly through Islamic scripture?

I just happened to land on sura 5:82 — wasn’t looking for anything in particular, you see — and found that it says: “Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers wilt thou find the Jews and pagans.”

This isn’t the first example of this kind of nonsense emanating from the White House; in fact, it’s become the standard.



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