13 Words About Hillary Clinton That Apparently Make You A Sexist Pig

The word-police are at it again.

Yesterday, a group of “Hillary Clinton Super Volunteers” announced that they would be tracking the media’s every word, literally, to make sure there is no, wait for it, “coded sexism.”

With that, the group said journalists and reporters are not allowed to use the following words in describing Clinton during the 2016 presidential race:

  1. Polarizing
  2. Calculating
  3. Disingenuous
  4. Insincere
  5. Ambitious
  6. Inevitable
  7. Entitled
  8. Over-confident
  9. Secretive
  10. Will do anything to win
  11. Represents the past
  12. Out of touch
  13. Tone deaf

Apparently, using these words to describe Clinton make you an awful, sexist pig. So, Clinton’s people, instead, have decided that they are just going to control the narrative. Case and point: Don’t say anything bad about Clinton, unless you want to be called sexist.

These tactics are similar to the “racist” words that individuals are not supposed to use when describing President Obama. Among those words were “inner city” and “states’ rights.”

Subsequently, the list of banned “sexist” words have blown up in Clinton’s face. There is currently a Twitter hashtag (#HillarysBannedWords) that mocks the list of banned words.



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