And Now, Drones Armed With Roman Candles

I dunno how these rednecks figured out how to shoot Roman candles off a drone, but they did. And then they decided to turn that into a competition.

As in, I control the drone and shoot rockets up your butt, and then you get to do it to me.

At least they had enough brains to put on motorcycle helmets before launchin’ this stunt. A Roman candle will put your eye out.

Still, there are some practical applications to this. Like at the border, for example, or the next time the teachers’ unions have a sick-out so you can pay for them to bus their members to the State Capitol to protest for our crap schools.


What’s missing here? They didn’t have Ride Of The Valkyries as background music, Apocalypse Now-style. This guy had the right idea, but he sucks big-time at piloting his drone.

And here’s how the Russians do it – with abandoned cars and guys shootin’ back at the drones (there is probably vodka involved, too)…



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