How David Vitter’s No-Nonsense Tactics Are His Biggest Strength

By many in the media, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is nothing more than an obstructionist, sticking to his guns and blocking presidential appointees and going after abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood.

However, those no-nonsense actions, willing to take a stand against the majority, may just be Vitter’s most coveted trait and best asset.

Vitter, who has been in the United States Senate for ten years now, has gained a reputation of voting and legislating not necessarily with party, but with principle.

Senators or congressmen who generally vote principle can easily be seen as not wanting to get anything done or not wanting to compromise.

This is what sets Vitter apart.

At any given moment, Vitter is pushing major legislation through congressional committees and the Senate.

Just this year, the Louisiana conservative has focused on getting rid of Obamacare exemptions for Washington politicians, fighting Planned Parenthood for their alleged use of federal funds for abortions and attempting to uncover the mystery behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private emails.

Though it is instances like Vitter’s blocking of Loretta Lynch’s nomination for Attorney General that will garner him the most respect among Louisianians on the fence about Vitter.

The media sees Vitter’s blocking of Lynch as a massive negative, mainly because all they see is a white man voting against a female, black woman for Attorney General.

But, Vitter is a conservative in every aspect of his political career. And, as a conservative, Vitter does not make decisions based on the race or gender of others, but rather bases decisions on merit and merit alone.

Vitter does not see gender and race as an end-all, be-all to an individual. Instead, the individual is judged on their record.

Thus Lynch’s record is not something Vitter can get behind.

And unlike most Republicans in Washington, Vitter is just one of two that can put on their resume that they did not support the nomination of Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State back in 2009.

If more Republicans had voted like Vitter, Clinton would have never been able to leave behind a wrecked Department of State.

Like a new USA Today article mentions, this is not the new Vitter. This is the same Vitter who came to Washington and the same one who legislated in Louisiana.

The reason Vitter makes Democrats so nervous is possibly because, besides being a conservative, he will get things done in Louisiana if he is governor.

Vitter does not sit backseat and let someone else drive the car. He is at the forefront of issues that conservatives care about the most, like wasteful federal spending and corruption within federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency.

No Democrat can deny this is true.

Vitter is, so far, the only gubernatorial candidate who has launched a tour around the state in which he travels to different areas in the state and talks about that areas most pressing issues.

In Baton Rouge, Vitter discussed public corruption and political scandal in the state with state leaders, as well as attorneys and columnists.

In New Orleans, Vitter discussed violent crime and the Louisiana State Police’s role with a group of the city’s officials and community leaders. He is not even governor and yet he already sees himself as the leader of the state.

Say what you want about him, but one thing you can’t deny about David Vitter is his ability to get the job done while not leaving his conservative thinking behind.



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