Watch Karen Carter Peterson Channel Her Inner-Kanye West

What do State Rep. Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) and rapper Kanye West have in common?

Besides both being left-wing ideologues, they both also make unsubstantiated claims about Republican politicians not liking back people which hold no truth.

Today, Peterson accused Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who is the front-runner in the state’s gubernatorial race, of not caring about women or black people, tweeting this on Twitter:

david vitter

Now, Peterson bases that claim on an article in the Times Picayune, in which Vitter and Rep. Garret Graves (R-Baton Rouge) said they would not make steps to impeach President Barack Obama because it would leave Vice President Joe Biden in charge.

Vitter also said that an impeachment of Obama would most likely lead to the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Based on this, Peterson makes the claim that Vitter and Graves want to impeach Obama, not because of the scandals that surround his administration, but because he is black.

And, Vitter apparently also hates women too, because he simply does not want Clinton elected as president in 2016.

It does not take much explaining because Peterson’s claims are clearly unsubstantiated.

This may remind you much of Kanye West, when he claimed years ago that former President George W. Bush did not “care about black people,” following Hurricane Katrina.

West, just like Peterson, made the claim based on race alone with no substantial evidence to support his outrageous.

All of this circles back around to Peterson who, as our readers might remember, a couple years ago claimed that individuals who were against Obamacare were truthfully just racists.

Why is it that liberals pretend to be the leader of black causes, yet misuse and exploit race any chance they get, which really diminishes the true issues facing the black community?



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