Lamar White Tries To Slam David Vitter, Even The Advocate Points Out How Silly He Looked

Yesterday, U.S Senator and candidate for governor David Vitter sent out this tweet.

Ready to pounce on David Vitter like Bill Clinton on an intern was Lamar White. This is the same Lamar White who’s essentially the unofficial spokesman of the Louisiana Democrat Party. This is the same Lamar White that falsely claimed that Bill Cassidy was ripping off LSU. White also spun a neighborhood meeting Steve Scalise spoke about Stelly to into a white supremacist rally. This is the type of person we’re dealing with.

As usual, Lamar didn’t disappoint.

Since I’m new to The Hayride, let me help Lamar out here. See those letters in blue after Vitter’s tweet? That is called a link. If Lamar had clicked that link and another one after that, he would’ve saved himself some embarrassment. Here’s what the Breitbart article says about Vitter’s proposal:

The Louisiana Republican’s legislation would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to prevent children born to foreign parents in the U.S. from gaining automatic citizenship. The exceptions to this would be if one of the parents is a US. citizen or a lawful permanent resident, or an immigrant serving in the U.S. military.

According to Vitter’s office, the bill would stop the practice of birth tourism by ensuring that citizenship is only afforded to the children of U.S. citizens and lawful residents.

To further compound Lamar White’s embarrassment, a simple Google search or probably even reading a biography of Governor Jindal would led him to discover this:

Jindal’s spokesman confirmed on Saturday the details in the article of his parents’ arrival in the United States. They came on green cards secured by Jindal’s engineer father, Amar Jindal, based on a 1965 law that allowed people with “exceptional ability in the sciences or arts” to enter the U.S. Jindal’s mother Raj got a spouse green card.

Lamar’s attempt to smackdown David Vitter was so bad that not even The Advocate could ignore it. Elizabeth Crisp wrote a blogpost essentially debunking Lamar White’s claim.

Exit question: as we head into statewide general elections this year, what other big story will Lamar White try to manufacture on behalf of the Louisiana Democrat Party and how badly will it blow up in his face?



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