Lara Logan: An Icon Of Heroism Fighting The Left

CBS News 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan may just be one of the last decade’s bravest and most stoic journalists.

Following the sexual assault and beating Logan endured during her coverage of the Arab Spring in the beginning of 2011, the South African reporter never seemed to have completely recovered from the attack, though it has proven to never stop her from doing her job.

At the time, Logan told 60 Minutes that she thought she was “in the process of dying” when she was pulled away from her film and security crew in the midst of a violent mob which proceeded to tear off her clothes, rape her, pull at her limbs and rip at her scalp, leaving Logan almost lifeless.

Eventually, Logan was saved by a women and was safely reunited with her crew. Logan was flown back to the United States where she has been recovering, all while continuing to be a foreign affairs correspondent, opting to take the most dangerous stories.

But, since Logan’s attack, the Left has made a point to attack Logan.

When Logan began reporting on the Benghazi attacks in Libya, which the Left feared would hurt then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances in 2016, she became the target of ridicule from liberal writers and pundits.

Logan was subsequently forced by CBS News to take a leave of absence after reporting a story on Benghazi which included information from a government contractor who misled her.

And as if that was not enough for the Left, Logan had to go on air to publicly apologize for the error, though her source was the one falsifying facts related to the Benghazi attack, not Logan herself.

This, still, was not enough.

A writer famously wrote a piece titled “How can CBS possibly not fire Lara Logan?” Just what about Logan is threatening to the Left? Perhaps it is her sense of strength and willingness to put aside bias and report the hard truth about Middle Eastern culture and the Benghazi attack.

That’s just it. Logan is a journalist in the game who feels she does not owe anyone anything. Nor is she in the tank for any public figures. That is exactly what the Left cannot stand about Logan. Subsequently, the Left has dubbed Logan the “pro-military war hawk,” relating to her comments that the Benghazi attacks were without a doubt an act of terrorism.

Most recently, Logan reported on the persecution of Christians, a news story that should be worthwhile to all foreign affairs reporters. But, Logan is one of the few willing to shed light on the modern assault on Christianity. Even more fearless, is that Logan reported on the story while stationed in Northern Iraq, just six miles away from ISIS territory.

Additionally, a few days ago, Breitbart News reported the sad story that Logan had been hospitalized for issues relating to her 2011 sexual assault in Egypt. Even sadder is the media’s large emphasis on Logan’s flawed report on Benghazi while reporting on her hospitalization.

If this were any woman of the Left, there would be in-depth features and profiles written in Salon and the Washington Post about the tole a sexual assault and beating takes on a working woman, who also happens to be raising two children.

Nonetheless, there is no reflection on the hardships of Logan’s life and attacked-by-the-Left career. Instead, there are simply vile comments left on the Huffington Posts’ hospitalization article which display how much hate the Left has for Logan.

Logan fought for her life in that 2011 attack and, ever since, has been fighting her way through being a valiant journalist.

Bravo Lara.



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