The Obamites Are Doubling Down On Stupid With The Bergdahl Trade…

…and once again we have to ask whether this is incompetence, or whether this president and his people have something more sinister going on.

Here’s State Department spokesmoron Jen Psaki, who has picked up a promotion and been moved into the White House inner circle as a reward for her long string of indefensible idiotic statements pushing the administration’s line, was asked today for reaction to the military’s decision to try its prized Prodigal Son Bowe Bergdahl for desertion, and here was Psaki’s response…


You gave up the Taliban’s Fab Five for a scrub private who walked off his post and embraced the enemy, causing several of his platoon mates to be wounded and/or killed, and you gave the enemy heroes to rally around along with a propaganda victory.

And Jen Psaki, so drunk with careerist ambition, actually pushes this stupid line, as though it’s somehow evidence that the people he works for are just so much smarter than you rubes out there in flyover country who negotiate deals all the time that you’ll never get it – preoccupied as you are with your guns and your religion.

But Psaki isn’t the only Obamite being asked to polish a turd on behalf of this president. Here’s Josh Earnest saying that even though Yemen has become such an abject, toxic hell on earth that the Saudis are now running their own version of Desert Storm today by shelling, air-striking and invading that country in order to dislodge the Iranian proxies who have overrun it, it’s still an example of a foreign policy success of this administration.

This, two days after Earnest said that while yes, American military personnel had to high-tail it out of that country as it collapsed, Yemen was a success because, after all, the place is dangerous for the “extremists” as well…

So many lies. So much stupidity. Such a long string of unmitigated failure.



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