AMEN! John Osterlind’s Epic Response To Ted Cruz Haters

Former 99.5 WRNO Radio Host John Osterlind has always been known to go against the grain while making a brilliant argument with wit and cleverness.

And his response to Democrats and Republicans alike who are outraged by Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) announcement that he will be running for the presidency in 2016 is no exception.

Osterlind took to Facebook to put the claims that Cruz is “too extreme” to rest and to mock the identity politics crowd who constantly demand that politicians be elected based on their gender or race.

Here’s Osterlind’s post:

john osterlind

Osterlind’s argument that Cruz opponents who claim he is “too extreme” is right on the money, as President Obama is one of the most, if not the most, liberal and polarizing president’s in the history of the country.

Also, it is interesting to note, as Osterlind does, that cheerleaders of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton running for president often use phrases like “Ready for Hillary” or that “It is time for a woman to be president.” And if you don’t support Clinton, you run the risk of being called a sexist.

Same was done for Obama when he ran for the presidency in 2008, despite having no major national recognition or legislation to his name. Obama supporters often decried that “It was time for an African American to be president.” And if you did not support Obama, you were deemed by some to be a racist.

Those same supporters of Obama and Clinton never mention that Cruz, if he were president, would be the first Hispanic president. Nevertheless, that is never an argument. Instead, he is viewed as “too extreme.”

But, as Osterlind brilliantly pointed out, how could Cruz be anymore extreme to the right, as Obama is to the left?



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