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“The forecast for South Louisiana is less severe, but meteorologists have said dramatic temperature drops — a difference of up to 40 degrees — is expected to occur along the Interstate 10 and I-12 corridors between Wednesday and Thursday.” – NOLA.com

“Late Monday, Shell announced that it will run its second-largest US refinery without union labor. The contingency plan for Shell’s 327,000 bpd refinery in Deer Park, Texas, has been enacted as talks are set to resume Wednesday between the USW and Shell amid the largest oil worker strike since 1980. Shell also said that the contingency plan was recently set in motion at its chemical plant in Norco, Louisiana.” – OilPro

“It has been dubbed a ‘student fee,’ but it’s unlikely college and university students will directly see increased costs from the Jindal administration’s latest plan to pump more money into higher education in the coming year.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Next year, Jindal proposes to spend $30 million on the WISE Fund, with 80 percent coming from hurricane recovery dollars allocated to Louisiana. Higher education leaders are concerned about the strings that come with those dollars, to meet federal criteria for the spending. A smaller portion of this year’s WISE Fund involves recovery money, and those dollars haven’t arrived to campuses.” – Shreveport Times

“Having only one working runway at Metro Airport at present has proven more problematic than expected twice in the past month. The airport has two runways for commercial flights, but one was closed in January for upgrades and maintenance and won’t reopen until the late summer.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Roman Catholic Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans has told Xavier University he does not support its decision to award honorary degrees to ‘some’ of the four speakers who are scheduled to appear during its graduation ceremonies in May. The four are former U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, basketball legend and entrepreneur Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson and Vartan Gregorian, president of the Carnegie Corp. of New Orleans. ” – NOLA.com

“‘We will stop the burn at Camp Minden‘ asserted a retired Army general who came to Minden Tuesday to lend his help in fighting an open tray burn of more than 15 million pounds of M6 propellant at the state-owned facility. Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who now heads a coalition of citizens focused on environmental action in Louisiana known as the Green Army, energized the crowd of more than 400 people filling the Minden Civic Center. Not only did Honoré take on the explosive situation at Camp Minden, he ran down other pollution problems plaguing the state.” – Alexandria Town Talk

“More than 200 classified Jefferson Parish employees could receive raises of as much as 20 percent if the local government sets their hourly minimum wage at $10.51. The Parish Council on Wednesday (March 4) asked the Personnel Department to study the idea.” – NOLA.com

“Mr Jindal’s change of tone is common among aspirants for the White House. Party primaries demand primary colours. Mr Jindal has neither a famous name nor deep pockets, and he is vying with at least a dozen other plausible contenders for the Republican nomination. He has to make conservatives who have not yet heard of him fall in love with him. That means offering them plenty of red meat.” – The Economist

“LSU safety Jamal Adams expressed frustration with LSU’s fanbase from his Twitter account after the Tigers’ 78-63 loss to Tennessee in the Maravich Center on Wednesday. The words from Adams’ social medial profile seem to express annoyance over the fans reaction to the disappointing setback for the basketball team.” – Baton Rouge Advocate


“At the request of the State Department, Mrs. Clinton turned over about 50,000 pages of emails from clintonemail.com related to the government issues late last year. But her aides have declined to describe the process by which they selected which emails to hand over and which to hold back, and public records experts have expressed alarm that Mrs. Clinton’s correspondence was not being preserved as part of the State Department record-keeping system while she was in office.” – NY Times

“Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) indicated Tuesday that subpoenas might be coming, after it became clear that Clinton only used personal email while serving as secretary of State, and the State Department admitted it did not know if it had all of her emails. Gowdy said that meant his committee would have to press Clinton herself to turn in whatever Benghazi-related emails she might have failed to turn over to State, as well as Internet service providers that might also have access to those emails.” – The Blaze

“First, others have noted, the domain was created on January 13, 2009. The original point of contact for the domain was Justin Cooper, presumably the senior advisor to Bill Clinton. He continues to be the contact for the domain until June 15, 2014, when point-of-contact is switched over to Perfect Privacy LLC, a firm out of Florida specializing in keeping domain ownership information confidential.” – And Still I Persist

“Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s ‘MidPoint,’ former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson said she was told an Obama administration official was ‘specifically told’ to ‘use text messages,’ or ‘to use alternate forms of communication,’ when communicating about ObamaCare, so as not to leave an email record the public could potentially see.” – Breitbart

“What is worth noting is that today’s central planners, offering us a more rational and moral transportation system — high-speed trains that run on good wishes and are kind to poor people — are the intellectual heirs of the same people who brought us the current asphalt-dominated mess that they complain about.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

“Research in recent years has encouraged those of us who question the popular alarm over allegedly man-made global warming. Actually, the move from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ indicated the silliness of this issue. The climate has been changing since the Earth was formed. This normal course is now taken to be evidence of doom.” – Richard Lindzen/WSJ

“The only evidence Republicans in Congress even had a pulse between the public lashing they received in 2012 and their overwhelming victory in 2014 was the fight they waged for a few days to defund Obamacare. And the leadership only pretended because of the pressure from conservatives who were demanding they follow through on their campaign promises.” – Jim Demint/Daily Signal

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a frontrunner in many 2016 GOP presidential polls in recent weeks, has come out swinging against the deal House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just cut with congressional Democrats to fund President Obama’s executive amnesty.” – Breitbart

We create the Rob Bells by flocking to anyone with an inspirational message, a stage, and a fancy state-of-the-art auditorium. We should demand more than that from our church. We should desire more than that. We need more than that.” – Matt Walsh/The Blaze

“Put aside the policy implications of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s powerful speech to Congress on Tuesday, and the dire consequences if President Obama bungles his dealings with Iran. Instead, consider how badly the Obama administration has handled things during the six weeks since Jan. 21, when House Speaker John Boehner invited Mr. Netanyahu to address Congress. Mr. Obama and his team pride themselves on their communications prowess, but they’ve made a hash of the situation.” – Karl Rove



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