VIDEO: Watch College Students Sign Petition To End Women’s Suffrage In The Name Of Women’s Rights

It’s no secret that college students are young and idealistic. It’s also clear sometimes they don’t have any clue what they’re supporting sometimes. John Binder had an example of this yesterday with an editorial in LSU’s student newspaper, The Daily Reville, where a student supported using the government to shut down Fox News.

We have another example courtesy of the folks at Turning Point USA. They sent one of their Iowa Field Coordinator, Jake Dagel, to Iowa State University with a petition to end women’s suffrage, or ending the right to vote for women. Dagel started by pointing out that Sunday is International Women’s Day and he wanted to see if students understood something as simple as women’s suffrage.

Dagel went around campus asking students to end “the suffraging of women in society.” While the students signed the petition, Dagel said that women should be empowered and the students who were signing the petition agreed with him. Even better, many of the students were talking about how they talking about women’s rights in their classes.

According to the video, Dagel’s stunt was caught only twice. One of the students who knew what Dagel’s petition was about was asked about what she thought of the fact that students signed a petition to take away her right to vote and she said, “I’m pretty pissed off about it.” If I was a woman, I’m sure I would be pissed off.

Dagel got two pages worth of signatures for his petition.

Here’s the press release sent out by Turning Point USA:

Despite this Sunday, March 8th being International Women’s Day, students at Iowa State University eagerly signed a petition to end women’s suffrage, also known as a woman’s right to vote. Jake Dagel, Iowa Field Coordinator for a non-partisan youth organization called Turning Point USA, secretly filmed his encounters as he asked students to sign the petition.

In a video posted to YouTube, students are shown saying “I feel like I should do this… I’ve got to tell my professor about this!”

The petition garnered over 2 pages of signature in a matter of just a few hours.

“Students who often demand equal rights for women don’t understand the history of the movement,” said Jake Dagel. “These students failed to recognize that they were signing a petition to end a woman’s right to vote,” he continued.

The video location is particularly interesting because Carrie Lane Chapman Catt, who attended Iowa State University, was an instrumental leader in the movement for women’s suffrage, which lead to the 19th amendment.

“Most students at Iowa State don’t know the history of their own university, let alone the entire women’s rights movement,” said Dagel.

Now most of the students thought that suffrage = suffering and they did women a favor. But this video shows that many of these people, who claim to support social justice, have no clue what they’re talking about. This is the fault of a failed education system that’s not teaching our kids our history or much of anything.

One thing I hope we as conservatives spend more time and money on is on campus outreach organizations. If we don’t teach our kids the truth about history and everything else, Millennials will become another generation of liberal Democrats.



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