If You Want To Understand How Wide The Gap Is Between The Left And Right In America…

…then watch this video clip and you’ll begin to understand.

It’s a gap which is becoming as large as the one between the North and the South in the 1850’s, which ultimately erupted into the Civil War.

We’re on the way there. The riots in Baltimore provided a glimpse of the problem.

Before we go any further, here is a video clip from Monday night. To set the stage, Fox News’ Leland Vittert was on hand at a West Baltimore street corner where the police had cordoned off a main avenue and blocked it with a human wall. Across the cross street was a “demonstration” at which Baltimore city councilman Nick Mosby, who is a perfect representative of the Hard Left Democrat mentality dominant in that city and virtually every other failing urban area in America, was holding court. And on one corner was a liquor store which was being looted.

So Vittert brought his camera crew over to Mosby’s confab, and here’s what happened…

This Brother Nick Mosby broke it down for Fox News…but they didn't want to hear it….ALL THEY WANT TO TALK ABOUT IS THE LIQUOR STORE BEING LOOTED..SMH…but he SHUT EM DOWN though. http://www.gofundme.com/lzy3k4. Please support

Posted by Ricky Kelly on Monday, April 27, 2015

(Link in case the embed doesn’t load)

The Huffington Post later asked Mosby about the exchange, and got this…

“Unfortunately the interviewer was more focused on some looting that had occurred across the street, as opposed to really talking about the issues,” Mosby told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

“You can’t focus on the movement without focusing on systemic issues that affect urban enclaves across America,” he added. “It’s something you really need to address. Great American cities like Baltimore are only as good as their weaker communities.”

The vast majority of protesters in Baltimore, Mosby said, are peaceful, and they’re doing their best to put their city back together. The media should focus on that, he said.

“The immediate need is de-escalating the situation and bringing calm to our communities, going after the violators,” Mosby said. “But then we need to really fight for justice. People want answers about Freddie Gray. They’re not going to listen to anything else until we get answers.”

“We’re gonna have to heal,” he added.

Since Vittert works for Fox News we’ll assume he’s on the Right here, but we don’t really know what his political affiliations might be. It’s clear he’s not a leftist like Mosby is, and that’s enough to demonstrate the gulf among us.

Mosby, and lots of his Hard Left compatriots and particularly the Social Justice Warrior clan, look at Baltimore and while they might pay lip service to how terrible the rioting and looting in Baltimore may be they’re really a lot more interested in the rest of the country understanding the “root causes” of the violence and destruction there.

The kids looting a liquor store are angry at the injustice of “the system,” you see, which inflicts upon them cops who hassle. And it inflicts upon them poverty and a lack of economic opportunity.

And while Mosby regales us with tales of economic woe in West Baltimore, his constituents are just a few yards away looting one of the few businesses remaining in the neighborhood after decades of violence, theft, lawlessness and destructive government policy in a city run almost exclusively by people who look, sound and think exactly like Nick Mosby.

Vittert tries to get Mosby to note that the cops are right across the street and could have stopped that liquor store from being looted and someone’s lawful business from being destroyed by his constituents, and Mosby wants instead to talk about the socioeconomic “root causes” of why the liquor store is being looted. So when that business, which employs people in the neighborhood, disappears never to return, there will be even more “root causes” of poverty and despair in the neighborhood.

To the Left, Mosby is a sage and Vittert is an idiot. But how does Mosby, or his ideological pals, purport to solve the problem of a lack of economic opportunity when he’s willing to stand around and bloviate about “root causes” when his constituents destroy someone’s business and livelihood?

That’s a gap which cannot be bridged.

And but for the red flag signifying the cultural and moral destruction of the country Baltimore represents, the exchange is comical. It comes off almost as something out of a Keenan Ivory Wayans movie – Mosby and his “pastor” friends standing in the street congratulating themselves for “taking a stand” for justice and against poverty and despair while the people they purport to be standing up for are victimizing a business owner a few yards away.

An hour or so later Vittert noted that the “demonstrators” were lobbing bottles they looted from the liquor store at the police across the street.



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