Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet The Sexist Liberals Of The Media

Evidently, CNBC’s Kelly Evans and NBC’s Savannah Guthrie are defenseless little girls who need to be treated like delicate dandelions.

At least that is how NBC’s Chuck Todd and the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza see them.

Presidential-hopeful Sen. Rand Paul is being scolded by both of these male journalists for having a ‘woman problem’ after not holding back in interviews with Guthrie and Evans. It is the typical ‘Republicans are anti-women’ narrative that the media loves to drum up every election cycle.

Here are the two interviews Paul is being labeled a sexist for:

During both interviews with the two female journalists, Paul did become frustrated with the questions he was being asked, saying that they were editorialized ahead of time instead of straight-forward.

Afterward, Todd and Cillizza came after Paul for the interviews, alluding to accusations of sexism. However, there was nothing sexist about Paul’s interviews. In fact, Todd and Cillizza are the sexists.

It is seemingly ridiculous that Todd and Cillizza feel it is necessary to stick up for Evans and Guthrie, solely because they are female journalists.

The message Todd and Cillizza send is ‘Hey Rand, you need to lighten up because you are dealing with women and they can’t handle the kind of testy interviews that we, men, can.’

On Meet The Press, Todd said that Paul needed to be more careful in his interviews with women.

So Rand Paul has to change his demeanor when he is talking to female journalists because they’re delicate. That’s totally not sexist or anything. (Sarcasm intended)

And then, Cillizza wrote in the Washington Post yesterday that Paul has a problem with female reporters.

Or could it be that both these female reporters asked Paul misleading questions? To Cillizza, that cannot be the case, so he runs straight to the fact that both reporters Paul got testy with were females. Again, totally not sexist. (Sarcasm intended)

Only for the fact that Guthrie and Evans are females, Todd and Cillizza felt the need to run to their defense, because neither of them came to the defense of Associated Press Reporter Phillip Elliot when Paul abolished his abortion question.

Two liberal, male journalists feeling the need to only come to the defense of female journalists after they endured heated interviews with Rand Paul is nothing short of sexism.



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