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“LSU faces a dire financial situation, making plans Wednesday to file for what is essentially “academic bankruptcy” if the state cannot find more money for higher ed.” —WAFB

“LSU and many other public colleges in Louisiana might be forced to file for financial exigency, essentially academic bankruptcy, if state higher education funding doesn’t soon take a turn for the better.” —Times-Picayune

“Among the ideas that local business and community leaders heard about on their recent Super Region Canvas trip to Arizona’s Sun Corridor is that of a residential development currently under construction in downtown Phoenix that’s made of shipping containers.” —Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

“Gov. Bobby Jindal declared that we won’t be backing down from the fight over same-sex marriage or Louisiana’s controversial religious freedom bill in an opinion piece for The New York Times Thursday morning. (April 23).” —Times-Picayune

“The St. Tammany Parish Council will meet Thursday night (April 23) in a special session to discuss charter changes recommended by the Home Rule Charter Committee, which wrapped up six months of work on April 1. The recommendations include letting voters decide whether they want term limits for members of the Parish Council.” —Times-Picayune

“LSU students and supporters are planning a demonstration at the state Capitol on April 30 in response to the threat of potentially devastating budget cuts in the coming year.” —The Advocate

“And, if the Saints for some reason decide to draft a quarterback next week, Brees will approach it in a similar manner. He’ll simply keep going about his job and worry about the things he can control.” —The Advocate

“Trust me.

That was the message given Wednesday by the Louisiana Senate Finance Committee to skeptical local government leaders when the panel overwhelmingly approved the first revenue-raising measure of the 2015 session, a repeal of the state’s business inventory tax.” —The Advocate


“A fun meal with the kids is decent, fast, inexpensive dining on American food. There’s nothing “progressive” about it. And any attempt to force that square peg into the round hole of our hungry mouths is doomed to failure.” —PJ Media

“A known gang member, I should stress. His gang affiliation was already flagged in a federal database when he applied for amnesty under Obama’s 2012 DACA action for DREAMers. Immigration officials are supposed to check that database before granting the application. Emphasis on “supposed to.” —Hot Air

“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.” —New York Times

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s new populist pro-American worker position on immigration is “absolutely the winning hand” against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a general election should he decide to run for president and wins the GOP primary, GOP pollster KellyAnne Conway of The Polling Company told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.” —Breitbart

“In what will surely be seen as another tactic in the Obama administration’s war on women, and a blow to Twitter comedy, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf has been passed over for promotion to the department’s top press spot.” —BizPac Review

“In reality, Christian conservatives have barely begun to fight. Christians, following the examples of the Apostles, should never retreat from the public square. They must leave only when quite literally forced out, after expending every legal bullet, availing themselves of every right of protest, and after exhausting themselves in civil disobedience. Have cultural conservatives spent half the energy on defense that the Left has spent on the attack?” —National Review

“Sometime National Review contributor Peter Schweizer has a book out this week bearing the straightforward title Clinton Cash, in which he documents the coincidence between the financial contributions of foreign interests to Clan Clinton and favorable treatment by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department. Mrs. Clinton has been doing a fair Elizabeth Warren impersonation of late on the issue of executive compensation, which has led a few critics to point out that at approximately $300,000 an hour, Mrs. Clinton as a maker of speeches out-earns all of the highest-earning American executives on an hourly basis or a daily basis. And we’re talking about Fortune 500 guys, there.” —National Review

“Where to begin as the fairy tale image of Hillary Clinton begins to dissolve under the white heat of a presidential campaign?” —American Spectator

“Both of these stories broke late last night, lighting up Twitter, and guaranteeing that Team Hillary is about to endure a very unpleasant stretch of news coverage. Each one is very serious indeed, but let’s start with the New York Times building on Peter Schweitzer’s ‘Clinton Cash’ reporting with some breathtaking new details about a lucrative deal involving Russia’s successful power play on American uranium capacity. I’ll let the facts do the talking” —Townhall




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