SARGE: Drop Him Like A Hot Rock

The New York Times slithered across my consciousness with an editorial showcasing the attitude so prevalent in society today. That would be the one where we’re expected to understand and soothingly caress the fevered brow of people committing the most heinous of crimes. This of course is concerning Bowe Bergdahl.

The New York Times, a paper rejected by dead fish world-wide as a wrapper, has published a mea culpa to misdirect attention from Bergdahl and the allegation he deserted his command, in the middle of the night, and with the intent he would stay away from his fellows needing him as a protective member of a combat team in a combat zone. In prior wars this was a crime punishable by death. Now we want to absolve the criminal because we want to be seen as “being better than that”.

The New York Times, the bastion of all things depressingly Progressive/Socialist has allowed people I suspect never faced conflict in war or any other circumstance to shoot off their mouth without the moral ammunition to have an impact on the discussion. It only takes a theorist to make a statement. Whether it’s made from a position of personal knowledge on the subject or simply because this latest generation sincerely believes there should be no consequences for illegal and immoral actions; the speaker is a damned idiot. As the editorial is attributed to “The Editorial Board” it can only be assumed there’s an agglomeration of dead brain cells resident in the offices of “the Times”.

I quote: “Sergeant Bergdahl, who joined the Army in 2008, was among the legion of recruits who were granted eligibility waivers to join the military during a period when it was struggling to attract applicants because of the multiple lengthy deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan that were common. His attempt in 2006 to join the Coast Guard was short-lived; he was discharged 26 days into basic training because of concerns about his psychological state. Before Sergeant Bergdahl walked out of his base in Paktika Province on June 30, 2009, it was clear to some of his family members back home, and some of his comrades in Afghanistan, that he was emotionally distressed and at times delusional. Citing an Army investigative report, his lawyer, in a letter to the military, describes his client as “naïve and at times unrealistic.”  

It’s to be admitted the morons in the Army were willing to accept a person incapable of functioning in a strictly regimented society. The stupid people in command of this guy didn’t even pay attention to the fact the guy “was discharged 26 days into basic training (Coast Guard) because of concerns about his psychological state.” But that doesn’t excuse the fact he left his “combat buddies” behind without his aid, expertise, manpower and combat presence under expected hostile fire.

Number one: Bergdahl volunteered for service in the Coast Guard where he failed miserably. Number two: he ENLISTED VOLUNTARILY in the United States Army. Nobody drafted him, held him hostage and forcibly indoctrinated him or otherwise forced him to serve. He went willingly and was accepted into a unite exhibiting the esprit du corps necessary function under extremely difficult conditions.

AND, number three: He walked away from his comrades in arms and caused the loss of numerous combat soldiers searching for him even though it was his choice to absent himself from his unit. He left his men behind to die while trying to rescue him.

When Bergdahl enlisted and attended Basic Training he was told of the Uniform Code of Military Justice also referred to as the UCMJ. The UCMJ specifically spells out the consequences of any/all imaginable violations of military and civilian law. Bergdahl and his comrades were informed and tested on their knowledge of the UCMJ and Bergdahl and his panty-waist, Pablum sucking, butt-licking apologists looking for martyrs to save from their own nefarious actions can go suck a lemon.

Bergdahl knew he was deserting and he knew he wanted to be with the enemy.

The Times further states: “In a statement about the conditions of his detention, released by his lawyer on Wednesday after the Army’s announcement that it had filed charges, Sergeant Bergdahl says he was chained to a bed, locked in a cage, shackled and at times beaten. He had sores from his shackles and became skeletal as a result of poor nutrition and chronic ailments.”

The damned fool needed only to remain with his combat team and brothers in arms and he’d have never “suffered” these problems. But no; he chose to live with the enemy and they decided they couldn’t trust him until they were sure he would be an asset for them. It’s a damned shame the Army didn’t take this stance.

Bergdahl made his choices with full and clear knowledge he was doing something wrong. He can never say he didn’t know about the UCMJ and the consequences to be suffered for desertion. He caused good men to be killed while searching for him. He’s culpable in their deaths. Now editorial butt droppings at the New York Times want us to absolve him of his guilt and not take away the benefits, pay and prestige of having served with honorable men and women when he has no concept of that nobility.

Bergdahl should be Court Martialed, and when found guilty serve a life sentence for each soldier killed while trying to “save” him. In the old days deserters were offered a cigarette, a blindfold and a visit from the chaplain before they were dispatched to lowest levels of hell.

They weren’t absolved because somebody had a selective conscience pain fit their political agenda.

Drop him, and them, like a hot rock.

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