SARGE: Like It Was A Mystery, Or Something

So; Ms. Hillary has thrown her hat into the ring. Wow! Ain’t that something? Like, was it a mystery or something?

After everybody knowing her candidacy was arranged years ago (when she married Bill) people have been asking: “will she or won’t she?” The worried looks on the faces of little, baby socialists across the world is reminiscent of a four year old being told there’s no more ice cream left on the truck.

Of course the witch (sic) was going to run.

To believe otherwise over the past three decades is to admit abject stupidity and a level of actual idiocy worthy of commitment and transport on the “little bus”. There’s no way to escape the oozing, seepage of her slimy degenerating integrity and character (if she ever really had any). She is the epitome of the creepy dribbling, barely covert progressive, socialist tendencies polluting the United States. She’ll continue the cadence of Barack Obama’s lead footed tread on the Constitution and her plan to continue onward by putting her Prada shod heel on the neck of every American.

Hillary’s running. That’s like saying Hillary’s breathing or Hillary’s taking a dump, or Hillary’s dodging the Senate and House investigations of her latest scandal and exhibition of just how little she thinks of us as people and as a nation. Hilary thinks she knows best, but when asked her greatest contributions to the foreign policy of the United States during her tenure as Secretary of State, the crickets chirp and the stars stand in mute testimony as to how far you’ll have to go to find one instance of her being as success in that job. She’s so obviously done so little even she can’t convincingly lie about her record. There are too many times she’s been caught in the lie. And there’s no way she can make “I misspoke” anything but an admission she been lying. If she was “dead broke” after Bill retired, I’m an Egyptian building a pyramid.

Benghazi, the Email debacle where she “scrubbed” her personal server containing thousands of emails in violation of State Department rules that she maintain a government email account to assure the safe conduct of sensitive correspondences, has become a major hurdle for this overweight, possibly brain-injured and post-menopausal political nag to overcome in this steeplechase. She’s outclassed by a draft horse awaiting the soap treatment.

She did next to nothing as a Senator, other than stay as close to the spotlight as possible and keep that Clintonian presence brightly buffed so as to shine each time her power hungry little asp (sic) peeked out like a full moon over Miami. The rule of thumb for a Clinton is: “Stay out there so they stay aware”.

Well, she’s stayed out there so long she’s taken root in the political weed patch responsible for choking off the flower of citizen participation in their governance; and she’ll be a major player in the growing fallowness of the American landscape here and abroad.

Yeah. Hillary’s running. I only hope she keeps running out into traffic. Sooner or later she’s got to be hit by a campaign vehicle. You know; like one of those trucks with a set of speakers telling the truth and having it recognized.

Metaphorically that would be so ironic.

Thanks for listening.

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