The Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Old And Tired, Literally

In the national press, the Democratic Party is portrayed as the political party of young people, blacks, Hispanics and pretty much anyone else who is not old and white.

But, if you were to glance at the Democrats’ presidential nominee line-up, it could not be farther from diversity.

First up is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton is maybe the most well-known female politician in American politics, but if we are playing by the identity politics rules of the Democrats and the national press, she is nothing more than a washed-up has-been who will be 69 years-old on election day.

Not only has she made her entire career off the backs of the taxpayers, but she has also become notorious for scandals involving Bengahzi and her use of private email accounts. And her rhetoric is the same every time: Tax the rich, help the poor.

After Clinton is Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts). Unless you are one of the few people who actually bought Warren’s lie that she is a Native American, which is in itself an insult to true Native Americans, Warren is essentially Clinton, but with more progressive views when it comes to regulation.

Warren spouts the same old Clinton-esque rhetoric of ‘toppling the one percent,’ as if that will somehow help the working and middle class. And on election day, Warren will be 67 years-old. Again, washed-up and tired, nothing fresh.

Then there is Vice President Joe Biden. Biden proclaims himself to be a champion of the working class, often times being credited for bringing out a large majority of votes from the working class community, or people who do not identify with the political system. Biden uses the same rhetoric as Warren and Clinton. It is the same will all of them.

On top of that, he’s old, white and has made a career out of being a politician. On election day, he will be 73 years-old.

The long-shot candidates are Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who is a self-proclaimed socialist and an old white man. He will be 75 years-old on election day.

The other two long-shot candidates are former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland and former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia. O’Malley, you could say, is the Democrats’ ‘young leader,’ coming in at 54 years-old on election day. Webb, though, will be 71 years-old when the election rolls around and both have the same, old tax the rich rhetoric as all of the candidates.

Now compare these six Democratic presidential-hopefuls to the Republican presidential line-up. The comparison clearly shows how diverse the Republican party is when it comes to identity politics.

From black conservative Ben Carson to Hispanic American Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), it is obvious that the Democrat field is washed-up, white and old.

Rubio will be 45 years-old on election day. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin will be 49 years-old on election day. And Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will be 54 on election day. Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida is currently the oldest candidate in the Republican line-up, at 64 years-old on election day.

The ages and diversity of the Republican line-up make the Democratic line-up look like a white supremacist rally at a retirement community. Yet, we do not expect the national press to point this out anytime soon.



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