This Weekend, Hillary Clinton Launches Her Hopeless Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton is set to use social media to launch her presidential campaign this weekend. She will then go to Iowa and grace the little people with her presence.

Whether it is in the springĀ of 2016 or in November 2016, Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid will end one way, in defeat. Hillary Clinton has more baggage than an airliner and lacks her husband’s charm and political ability. Scott McKay wrote an excellent piece about how awful of a candidate Hillary Clinton is.

It’s not just this humble little site that is realizing how awful Hillary is, many on the left are wondering as well. There was a story in the Daily Caller about a Politico reporter essentially saying Hillary’s campaign was collapsing completely. Although the Politico hack was being sarcastic on Twitter, the tweets were believable because if the Democrat media complex wasn’t propping up Hillary, her campaign would be dead.

Hillary Clinton’s role in Benghazi would’ve sunk her, if she was a Republican. Here’s a video of when Rand Paul questioned her in 2012 about the attacks.

This is also not counting the e-mail scandal.

The reason why the Democrat party is sticking with her is because she is their best chance at holding the White House. Biden, Martin O’Malley, Elizabeth Warren, Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders, and Lincoln Chaffee are all unelectable losers.

So I am “Ready For Hillary” because she can and will be beaten. I’m very confident the American people when they get to know Hillary will not like her, just like in the 1990s and 2008.

By putting all their eggs in the Hillary basket, the Democrat Party has ensured that they will lose the White House in 2016. Of course, that depends on who the Republicans nominate.

We should welcome Hillary’s entrance in the race, whenever she sends out that tweet because she can and will be crushed, if we defeat the press.



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