VIDEO: Tired, Out-Of-Touch New York Dilletante Running For President Is Surprised At The Difficulties Of Little People

Here’s Hillary Clinton doing her “champion of the people” shtick in New Hampshire, telling us she’s “surprised” that small business formation is all but dead in America…

She admits to being told that small business formation has fallen to nothing in the eight years her party has controlled the White House but says she didn’t believe it – at least not until her campaign team began attempting to cobble together a message that would make it plausible she actually gives a damn about ordinary Americans.

Ordinary Americans, for example, are not in a position to solicit bribes from Ukrainian plutocrats who want waivers to escape trade sanctions with Iran. Or Silicon Valley computer giants who want a patina of respectability after helping to construct the Great Firewall by which China’s Communist rulers subvert free expression and liberty of thought. It takes a village of Hillary Clintons to handle things in that stratosphere, and such a village has no small, undercapitalized startup businesses.

Think Hillary Clinton actually gives a damn that small business formation has fallen to nothing with her party in control of the White House? Well, there is this, from the last time we let Hillary Clinton into the White House…

“The [‘Hillary Care’] plan prescribed some eye-popping maximum fines: $5,000 for refusing to join the government mandated health plan; $5,000 for failing to pay premiums on time; 15 years in prison for doctors who received ‘anything of value’ in exchange for helping patients short circuit bureaucracy; $10,000 a day for faulty physician paperwork; and $50,000 for unauthorized patient treatment.  When told the plan could bankrupt small businesses, Mrs. Clinton said, ‘I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America’!”

That was when small business formation in America wasn’t half bad. Now, it’s dead thanks to policies just like the ones Hillary advocated when she was put in a policymaking role, and she’s “surprised.”



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