Yesterday’s Common Core Stunt Proves That Brett Geymann Is Not A Serious Legislator

Yesterday in the state House, State Rep. Brett Geymann (R-Moss Bluff) tried to move his Common Core repeal legislation out of the House Education Committee and have it considered by the entire House. It failed by a vote of 61-37. The bill was sent back to the Education Committee where it will likely be killed in due time.

Here’s Geymann’s press release that he sent out yesterday announcing the move:


Says Participation by Chairman in Unicorn Insult Suggests Tainted Committee Process.

On Monday, State Representative Brett Geymann (R – Moss Bluff) will take (HB373) to establish new, higher educational standards on a State level, directly to the floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives. He will move that the body recommit the bill to the “Committee of the Whole” to have the full House consider the legislation at a future date, rather than have the bill heard in the Education Committee. Representative Geymann says that many parents and opponents feel that the Committee process has been tainted by supporters of Common Core and that the bills won’t receive a fair hearing. He and others are outraged that the Alliance for Better Classrooms PAC, a local pro Common Core business group would insult the tens of thousands of Louisiana parents who are fighting for their children by placing pink unicorns on the desks of legislators and suggesting that opponents are simply delusional.

“I am deeply offended that certain groups are trivializing this issue and dismissing the legitimate concerns of tens of thousands of Louisiana parents and their children” said Representative Geymann. “The parents we are representing don’t feel like they will get a fair hearing and the recent rhetoric validates their concerns “ Geymann said. “I feel a strong responsibility to ensure that this issue is debated in the full light of day in front of the entire House, rather than bottled up in Committee with a Chairman who openly aligns himself with a PAC on one side of the discussion” Geymann continued. “Education is the most important issue facing our state, and our parents and children deserve better than to be insultingly dismissed. This is the most distasteful thing I have seen in my entire career as a public servant. This pro-Common Core group is acting like ruling class elitists who think they know better than everyone else. It’s disgusting.” Geymann concluded.

Geymann’s motion will require a majority of House members present and voting to recommit the instrument to the Committee of the Whole for consideration of the bill at a future date. The bill will not be taken up by the full House until notice requirements have been met so that Members can be on hand for consideration. There will be debate and a vote on the motion to recommit Monday, but the bill itself will not be debated until a future date.

Here’s a video summary of the press release.

Geymann tried to move his bill out of Education because the chairman let a pro-Common Core PAC put unicorns on their desks or something. Are you kidding me? This is the legislative equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum because you don’t get your way.

Brett Geymann in many ways is worse than the herd of RINOs who populate the Louisiana Legislature. At least with the RINOs I can say they merely disagree with me.

Geymann on the other hand champions all these conservative “hot button” issues and gets nowhere with them. He has only had two bills that he wrote enacted into law since the beginning of his current term and one of those two merely increased the governing board of the Beauregard Parish Fire Protection District Number Two. If you need someone in the Louisiana State House who personifies the ineffective legislator, look no further than Brett Geymann.

In 2013, Geymann was the leader of the “Fiscal Hawks.” In his leadership position, he cut a deal with the Legislative Black Caucus to raise taxes on Louisiana businesses by $330 million. It’s thinking like this that earned Geymann a pitiful 67 with LABI last year.

Finally, you know who else is trying to kill Common Core? The teachers’ unions. This isn’t the first time Geymann has been on the same side with the teachers’ unions. Geymann opposed Governor Jindal’s education reform package in 2012. When Jindal pushed to eliminate tenure, Geymann voted no. When Jindal pushed to expand school choice through vouchers, Geymann voted no. When those two votes are taken into account, it’s really no surprise that Geymann is carrying water for the teachers’ unions again.

Conservatives need work horses in the Legislature to pass reform, not ineffective show horses like Geymann. It doesn’t take any special talent to write a bill based on the hot button issues of the day, but it does take some to get them passed. On that count, he is a failure.




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