DEJA VU: The Left’s Washed-Up Attack On David Vitter

The Left has long not been able to stand Sen. David Vitter (R-LA). Vitter goes against everything the Left holds to be true, like the idea that Obamacare works and federally-funded universal pre-school is essential to education.

For as long as the Left has hated Vitter, they have also managed to use the same failed tactics to rail against him.

Take for instance, the Gumbo PAC, which is designed to pick Vitter apart on a number of issues from the past that voters have already disproved and disregarded. A new ad by the Gumbo PAC paints Vitter to be almost like a mob-boss, hanging out with the wealthiest and biggest corrupt-o-crats in Washington.

Watch the ad to see what we’re talking about:

“Just imagine the things you haven’t heard about … yet,” the ad says at the end, attempting to deceive the viewer into believing that there are a ton of skeletons in Vitter’s closet that the public is not aware of. Yet, there is no evidence of those skeletons, just speculation at the end of the ad.

Not surprising at all, is that Trey Ourso is the chairman of the Gumbo PAC, the same man who managed Charlie Melancon’s 2010 Senate campaign against Vitter. And the attacks Ourso is using on Vitter now, are exactly the same attacks Melancon used on Vitter.

“It’s really a childish and pathetic attempt to besmirch Senator Vitter,” said political consultant James Hartman, who worked on Vitter’s 2010 Senate campaign.

Aside from the attacks being petty and washed up, they are not in-line with a larger national narrative that the Left is trying to push about Vitter.

In’s article today, “Everybody hates David Vitter: How the wingnut managed to tee off everyone in Washington,” the conservative Senator is portrayed as being hated by the inside-beltway of Washington DC and all the staffers on Capitol Hill.

“Sen. David Vitter is running for governor of Louisiana this year, and just about everyone on Capitol Hill hopes that he wins because they hate him, because he is useless and awful,” the article states.

However, the Gumbo PAC’s narrative of Vitter is that he is a man of Washington, a politician who has many friends and political allies in DC, almost the exact opposite narrative than that is used in the piece.

So which Vitter is it? The one with all the corrupt connections in Washington? Or the one who is hated by Washington-insiders?

The Left’s phony and problematic portrayals of Vitter, though, speak to the larger picture of Democrats and Republicans in Louisiana.

Most recently, political dynasties have proven to be a burden for politicians in the state, rather than an asset, as we saw with Mary Landrieu’s failed re-election bid last November. And now, we’ve seen it with Landrieu’s brother, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans, who is not even attempting to run in the gubernatorial race.

Even with the changing views of Louisianians on politicians, their connections and political views, the Louisiana Democratic Party’s attack on Vitter has remained the same. Not to mention, the content of the attacks are old issues that the Left tried to hit Vitter on years and years ago.

Which calls the question: Do political action committees like Gumbo PAC even care about successfully defeating conservatives, or are these PAC’s merely a form of income for the well-connected consultant class?

For now, there is nothing new to see. Just another day of ineffective attacks from the past.



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