Elijah Cummings, Unintentional Comedian

We ran across this bit of hilarity yesterday…

So let’s sum up:

1. Marilyn Mosby is an outstanding attorney and what she’s done in filing a host of contradictory charges against the six Baltimore cops involved in the Freddie Gray arrest was perfectly normal, and everybody criticizes the prosecutor.

2. The “process” the cops are going through is a “process” the people in his neighborhood go through every day. In other words, Elijah Cummings just said he represents a bunch of crooks.

3. He wants to address the issues of education in his district, where the per-student, per-year spending is some $18,000 per year, third-highest in the nation. What do you think his solutions are.

4. When Chris Cuomo shockingly makes the point that there are no Republicans to be found in Baltimore and Republicans can’t be blamed for the problems there, his response is “come on” – and blames Freddie Gray’s life as a two-bit dope dealer that ultimately got him killed on lead poisoning Republicans cut federal funding for.

It’s pretty entertaining stuff. The only problem is we don’t pay this clown to tell jokes, we pay him to set policy. And when he’s not siccing the IRS on people he disagrees with politically he’s busy buying votes from criminals with your tax dollars.

Which isn’t funny at all.



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