HUDSON: St. George Supporters Share Their Reasons Why

With under a week left to collect signatures for the petition St. George supporters are sharing why they support St. George. The St. George movement has used Facebook and their website to share information but even more powerful than that has been the face to face chats and the personal stories shared. There has been an increase in requests for more information over the last 2 weeks. This prompted supporters to post the reasons why on Facebook.

Chris Rials shared why he supports St. George:

As I am nearing the end of my career as a chemical engineer, I reflectively appreciate how truly fortunate I am to have attended a strong public education system. The less-than-adequate performance of public schools can never be addressed by private schools, as many families can not afford the tuition.

Had I attended the EBRPSS that exists today, the quality of life that I (and my siblings) lived could not have been possible. I am convinced there are other families just like mine that attend the EBRPSS who can not afford private school tuition, and they are perpetually trapped in a failed school system. The performance of the EBRPSS must improve now. The City of Baton Rouge and the EBRPSS have been given more than enough time to fix the educational problems. They either can not or will not step up to the plate — so it is time for a change.

Tommy Doran shared why he supports St. George even though he has no children in school:

Yes both of my sons are now graduated out of the school system in E Baton Rouge. This idea of an independent school system in the southern part of the parish started when my oldest son began elementary school. Its something both Pam and I hoped would happen for many years. Now that my boys are grown and moving out into the world on their own paths, we want them to have options that will allow them to settle in their home area. Pam and I are now imagining how our lives will be enriched with the addition of grandchildren one day in the near future. We want to be able to watch them grow, and to be actively involved in their lives. We want them to have good schools and a community that will offer them options we never had and to experience community in a way that will shape them into successful adults one day. The current system fails miserably in that regard. I would love to have my boys settle down and raise a family close to their parents, but I cannot in good conscience attempt to persuade them to settle in the community they grew up in so long as this steady decline in the schools and local government continues. We’re not doing this just for us, or even just for our children, but for all the people in our area. Without good schools and a responsive local government we continue to turn businesses away.

The Mayor and the Metro-Council love to brag about the businesses that have chosen to come to Baton Rouge, but what about the one’s that don’t. Ask yourself, why is Bass Pro in Livingston, why is Cabelas and Tanger in Ascension? What changed their minds about choosing East Baton Rouge? It all comes down to schools and government. Help us make St. George a reality for the future generations.

I read comments from those like us who say they have no skin in the game because their kids are out of school. You have more skin in the game than you think. We all pay taxes for schools, and if our community is to thrive we need better schools.

Lorraine Beaman shared why she supports the modern outsourced government St. George plans:

This will be such an economic benefit to East Baton Rouge Parish. Now families will have a reason to stay rather than move to Livingston or Ascension for the schools. Schools are the number 1 factor for families out migrating as has been documented here time and time again.

A modern outsourced government with less than 20 employees will also keep our tax dollars within our reach and accountability instead of flowing into the hands of politicians. Let’s bring this to a vote.

Those in opposition to St. George claim that taxes will be raised if St. George becomes a city. According to the new report by CRI,  a top 22 National CPA Firm, this is not the case. In fact,  CRI confirms an $11.4 Million Surplus.

Carr, Riggs and Ingram, LLC (CPAs and Advisors) (“CRI”), the 22nd largest public accounting firm in America and the largest in the southern United States, concluded in a publicly released report that the City of St. George will operate with a budget surplus in excess of $11.4 million annually. The firm’s report disproves prior reports that indicated a tax increase was necessary to run the city.

In contrast to the report by Faulk and Winkler, CRI partner C. Donald Wheat CPA, CCIFP, said on Wednesday, “Our conservative view of revenues available and expenses required to operate the City clearly indicate a tax increase is not necessary”.




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