If You’re Running Against A John Bel Edwards ‘Republican’, We Want To Give You Publicity

I’ve already cleared this post with Scott. He called the RINO squishes who voted to raise taxes on Louisiana businesses and families today, “John Bel Edwards Republicans.”

Here the names of the RINOs who voted for 10 or 11 out of 11 tax hikes on Louisiana businesses and families: (* indicates they’re term-limited)

Bryan Adams
Johnny Berthelot
Chris Broadwater
Steve Carter
Bubba Chaney
Patrick Connick
Jim Fannin*
Franklin Foil
Lance Harris
Kenny Havard
Frank Hoffmann
Chuck Kleckley*
Eddie Lambert*
Jay Morris
Darrell Ourso
Erich Ponti
Steve Pugh
Joel Robideaux*
Clay Schexnayder
Rob Shadouin

As for the term-limited RINOs, we know that Fannin and Lambert are running for the Louisiana Senate and Robideaux is running for Lafayette Parish President. This offer also stands for their opponents in those races as well.

Basically if you’re a Republican running against any of these RINOs, The Hayride wants to help you. Contact us so that we can profile your candidacy against these squishes. We would love to interview you and introduce you to our thousands of readers, many of whom are grassroots conservative activists who are angry about what happened today.

Among the many readers of The Hayride are people who can donate to your campaign, volunteer for you, and share your love of this state and your conservative values. Reach out to us and let us help you spread your message across the state to grassroots conservatives.



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