Jindal Is Going To Announce For President On June 24


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to announce his presidential intentions on June 24, according to a top adviser.

Jindal, a Republican, is slated to announce his decision in New Orleans, said Timmy Teepell, who has served as chief of staff and is a possible campaign manager for Jindal’s likely bid.

That’s nothing we didn’t already know.

One wonders how a governor with an approval rating bobbing at the 30 percent level in a relatively small state without an early primary, no media presence to speak of and no tradition of producing presidential candidates thinks he’s a viable contender, but Jindal’s political people have apparently convinced him he’s a winner.

We’ll find out. It looks like Jindal is really running for a cabinet post in a Walker or Rubio administration, but perhaps there is some thread he can pull that will unravel the entire political scene and deliver the nomination to him.

One thing is for sure, though – Bobby Jindal is all but officially through as Louisiana’s governor. The only way we’ll see him doing his job is if a hurricane shows up this summer or early fall – and then we’ll never see the end of him.



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