Piers Morgan Finds Another Right He Hates As Much As The Right To Bear Arms

Piers Morgan, who is an even worse British export than One Direction and Russell Brand, took to Twitter today to tell us Colonials how he we need to address our racial issues in this country. In doing so, Piers found another American right that he hates almost as much as the right to keep and bear arms, the right to free speech.

Naturally, many Americans uppity Colonials didn’t take too kindly to the idea of suppressing free speech. The resulting thread has gone down in history as the derpiest thread in the history of Twitter.




What was the failed CNN host and wannabe soccer commentator’s justification? South Africa does it:

Looking back in history, The Hayride wonders if Piers would’ve jailed some of the following:

Elvis Costello


The late Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia)

CNN Reporter Susan Candiotti

The way to defeat offensive speech and offensive ideas is by more speech and ideas. Passing laws against them just merely drives it underground. Also, when you pass laws against speech, it restricts what kind of ideas can be expressed. It lays the groundwork for suppressing more ideas.

There’s a little something that separates America from the rest of the world, that’s our liberties. Piers Morgan should learn to appreciate American exceptionalism instead of trying to transform us into every other country on the planet.



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