SARGE: Come To Believe

“We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”.

America is a great land. It’s a nation of individuals come together to shape a future for each by bonding and banding together to create a place of personal and individual liberty. It was designed, after great debate and with the idea a nation must be held to principles of equality and exceptionality. This allowed for the people to discuss and modify the path their government would follow for the benefit of the nation as a whole and with the government the servant of the people; not the other way around as in a monarchy. The individual citizen was the director of his destiny by holding the reins firmly in check on his government.

Man at that time was ruled by his knowledge of ethics and morality from what he was taught during his religious instruction. The American landscape was inhabited by colonists leaving the security of the past to gain the freedoms of their future. The Pilgrims, a Puritan faction believing in the simplicity of their religious rite and the humility of the individual in his supplication of his God sought the right to worship without interference and command of the king. Their rites and prayers were different in manifestation but still bore their foundational precepts in the Old and New Testaments of the Judeo-Christian canons.

Ten Commandments were the basis of human interaction deemed acceptable and righteous in any community. Differences between that which is right and that which is wrong came to be understood because of the simple logic of such maxims as: “do unto others as you would have done unto you” and “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. These statements were accepted as COMMANDMENTS;  not the “ten really kinda sorta good ideas”. It was accepted as the word of an unknown, unfathomably powerful entity responsible for the creation of the universe and all within it. People weren’t so cavalier as to believe they could cause the sun to NOT rise or set nor could they hope to travel through the air as the birds did.

People’s egos weren’t so inflated as they are now.

Now we have airplanes taking us aloft and into “the heavens” so we can see the tops of clouds. Now we have vessels allow us to sail BENEATH the seas and we try to speak with the denizens of the deep with echolocation and arcane vocalizations we don’t understand but hope they will. We’ve accepted the certainty of some scientific endeavors as being the certainty of ALL scientific endeavors. Now man’s ego is so inflated as to believe because he can understand the “how” of a process, he can replicate the process with continuing and certain results with the wave of his god-like hand.

We’ve travelled to the Moon and back and still can’t say with certainty why the Moon is there in the first place. We’ve walked on its surface but only proven to date we’re trespassers on a frontier we’re only novices at the exploration of it. We’re not benefactors in this endeavor; we’re polluters. We know how to gauge and quantify our sense of the passage of time but we do that based only on the points of reference we have that we admit are only an infinitesimally small element of the overall Universe. We don’t even know where the center of that Universe is. But, we believe we know all there is to know and may command all there is to be done in that Universe.

That’s pathetically egomaniacal isn’t it; to believe because we’re at the top of our earthly food-chain that we’re the top of ALL food-chains to be suspected and  waiting to be realized?

Man has always contended with his need to appear and be accepted as God-like. This effort at rising to the heights of Olympian equality has seasoned our understanding of this majestic control of our personal destinies without the interference of any greater power. Because we can replicate ourselves by creating life  through our mating rituals and we may take life away through killing our brothers, we see ourselves as equal in power to God. After all: “God giveth and God taketh away”.

But where man has created much can be wondered at, he can’t make the weather change on command. He’ can’t stop molten lava from burning away all in its path to move forward until the ash left behind fertilizes growth of new plant life to be risen from that ash. What man can destroy he may rebuild upon but he covers the natural with a mass of unnatural construct.

What man creates if finite, It has a beginning and an end it can’t deny. He can’t stop it from happening. He can’t prevent the natural result of his actions. And, it’s in that fact he proves he is NOT God. He is fallible and as such he is not omnipotent.

I don’t claim to have too many answers. But one thing I do know: with the continual blather man puts forth about “The Big Bang Theory” we can never answer the one question makes all the theories proffered impotent for their lack of an answer: Who, or what, lit the fuze?

Until you can answer that one, and prove your answer, look back to the first sentence. “We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”. To believe anything else is surely insane to some of us.

Einstein said: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity”. So is the idea of putting your faith in politicians, mere men and women like us, to have anything but their best interests in mind as they leave your control to “represent” you in faraway places like Washington D.C.

Thanks for listening.



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