SARGE: The Nature Of The Beast

Hillary Clinton has done something in a near replicant fashion mimicking Obama. She’s started censoring the press as boldly as Goebbels ever did. She isn’t burning books or physically creating her personal version of Kristallnacht. But, she is holding the press so far distant “at arms’ length” would be a microscopic distance in comparison to how she’s trying to hide in plain sight.

David Martosko is a political reporter for The Daily Mail, a United Kingdom newspaper considered one of the premier news outlets in the world. I use it as a source for topics such as this. Martosko was barred/banned/excluded from three Hillary Clinton campaign events. Martosko was barred from covering Clinton events in Rochester and Concord, NH as well as the tired and disturbingly under-attended effort on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan

Hillary and her press team have gotten Hillary’s panties in a twist because the Daily Mail isn’t the slavish, slovenly news pup CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times and others have proven to be while covering the Obama Administration. These organizations have all but inundated the paper waste lands of the liberal desert with the gushing praise for Hillary. Their failure to cover her obvious missteps, blunders and evasions concerning everything from Benghazi to the questions concerning her selling her influence through her association with the Clinton Foundation is obvious. ”The Daily Mail” doesn’t play nice and they have a nasty sense of truth and justice politicians don’t always appreciate.

To say the “Mail” (as it’s known) is a dogged pursuant of truth, justice and actuality in political reportage, is an understatement. In England, where a Prime Minister’s administration and government can be toppled by the antics another Clinton once conducted, “The Mail” has been a Tesla Coil of journalistic reportage. The voltage showered on the corrupt is always impressive, illuminating and in the vast majority of cases, hair-raising for the subject being exposed.

Hillary and her micro-minded, integrity challenged minions can choose to answer questions from the media she chooses to recognize, but to outright ban and tell a correspondent “(you) need to leave” because you don’t like the print stamped on a sheet of news print is not only unkind, improper and unacceptable but as Martosko said when interviewed, “the Clinton campaign doesn’t get to choose who covers them.”

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said:  ”You are entitled to your opinionBut you are not entitled to your own facts.” Those facts are to be discovered and presented by a free/unconstrained/unrestrained press putting the facts before the people so they may decide for themselves what’s best for them.

But we live in a real world where “truth, justice and the American way” have been subverted by a press corps more interested in becoming the power behind the throne than reporting the rulers sitting on (and the prospective successor) are not only unclothed in their personal duplicity and lack of personal integrity but are covered with festering pustules; and the throne is termite ridden and unsound to carry the weight it must. America‘s become a place where the lies, duplicity, double-dealing done and told by two-faced hacks can cheat and lie their way to the highest political position in the land and arguably in the world (before Obama).

Martosko said, “I find that unacceptable and offensive.” So do we. It’s unacceptable, rude, insulting and destructive of the trust an informed citizenry must have with its governing bodies and individuals. That citizenry expects to be given the truth and then decide how their nation shall proceed on the world stage.

Obama and Hillary have proven they can and will subvert the power of the press to inform the world. They’ve by subverted and co-opted the media making them willing members of an arcane and dangerous cabal looking to control our perceptions and thus our direction of where this nation and world should be heading. If Obama and now Hillary Clinton can subvert and censor subvert the press and remove its righteous power to honestly educate; how can we trust her to give ANY power to the people?

What’s your thinking about de facto slavery masquerading as democracy?

Thanks for listening.



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