Two Announcement Speeches This Week – Which One Sounds Presidential, And Which One Embarrassing?

As you can imagine from the headline, we’re talking about Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

In case you didn’t see them, this was Bush’s announcement speech…

…and this was Trump’s.

The folks who write on this site are not going to spend a lot of time touting Jeb Bush as a Republican candidate. There is a lot wrong with him, not the least of which is that should he win he’d be the third president in 25 years from the same family. But in his speech, he presents someone who’s competent, humble and principled, and he actually gives reasons why the Republican base could support him. Whether they will or not is certainly an unknown, but at least he’s credible.

Trump? Hardly. The second clip is little more than a bacchanal of ego. From saying “I’m really rich” to declaring he’d be the greatest president God ever created, to the crowd that looks like it’s made up more of media and hirelings than actual supporters, to his boorish running-down of the other Republican candidates, it’s a squalid embarrassment. It’s almost as if the presidential announcement is nothing more than an excuse to brag that his net worth is $8.7 billion.

America doesn’t need the loudmouth drunk at the bar for a presidential candidate. With Trump, that’s what we have.

Confidence and bombast, in small doses, can punch up a candidate’s presentation and make him or her interesting. Most of the top tier in the GOP race thus far have been able to present themselves as worth listening to. But with Trump, you get nothing else. You get an ongoing meandering harangue the media will use to discredit the Republican party as a whole.

The faster Trump gets out of the race, the better. Bush, in his speech, at least earned some attention if not support.



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