This Is How Bad Crime Has Gotten In New Orleans East

Eastern New Orleans is a war zone. There is no doubt about that.

If you speak with New Orleans locals, they’ll tell you that no one goes to New Orleans East unless you absolutely have to for whatever reason. Other than that, the area is a wasteland of blight and crime.

And though crime has been deplorable in New Orleans East for decades, it seems lately, that it is getting worse day by day. should have a constant alert banner on their site reading ‘BREAKING: Shooting in Eastern New Orleans’ at this point.

The most recent incident in the area over the weekend involves an alleged shoe-robbing and a 16 year-old boy. Apparently an unknown gunman walked up to the teenager and asked to buy his shoes.

Then, the man pulled a gun on the 16 year-old and said “You jacked out of your shoes,” according to the NOPD. While fighting over the gun, the man shot the boy and he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Its nonsensical violence like this that the area has garnered a reputation for. A 16-year old, some shoes and a gun? Why?

Anyone outside of New Orleans East cannot even fathom something like this happening in their area.

Just the day before this incident, two victims died after being shot in their New Orleans East home last Friday. Both were shot in the head. NOPD is still investigating the homicide.

A week before this double homicide, the tragic death of 16 year-old Kaylan Ward occurred, as her body was found in New Orleans East on June 5.

Ward’s body was found dismembered on the side of Interstate 10 in the area, near the Bullard Avenue exit.

Since Ward’s death, her family and friends have been demanding answers, though the NOPD has yet to arrest any suspects involved in Ward’s death.

When crime first became an issue decades ago in New Orleans, many of its residents moved east to New Orleans East and St. Tammany Parish.

But, after crime was pushed out to New Orleans East, thousands have fled the area, leaving it probably one of the most abandoned and dangerous parts of the city.

And with the way things are going in New Orleans East, it does not seem to be changing anytime soon.



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