SARGE: The Sharpened Tip Of The Spear

“Admitted to God, to ourselves , and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

This is the tough one to adhere to. To stand before the mirror and see the truth of the reflection and not  what one believes itself to be can be a task most men shrink from hastily.

Introspection is when you examine one’s own mental and emotional processes. If done sincerely it leads to enlightenment and understanding. In many circumstances such as in the field of Psychology an act of Introspection can lead to a better observation and understanding of his mental state. In the sense of a religious or spiritual Introspection one looks to understand the soul and one’s status in his spiritual development. In light of the fact we’re looking to improve the quality of elected representatives regularly playing on our sense of piety and godly grace, it would make sense we should check their sincerity of action and the pursuit of their goals for progress in their careers.

Then, we must balance their claims against their performance.

In this election cycle, we’re watching a battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. As usual there are those suffering a questionable past expressing a piety seeming to be in violation of the ten commandments,  They’ve shown a political avarice and their pursuit of social positioning makes them appear a mockery of their stated position on faith. They wallow in their “false piety”.

The other camp is trying to achieve the old adage: “ a way to a man’s heart is though his stomach”. The more secular and politically correct and socialism based candidates harp and pitch words designed to fit the particular audience and circumstances available at the moment. They campaign on what they give away when the stockpile isn’t theirs to give.

If these people could get past the egotistical posturing and pursuit of fame and power, they might actually appear as they want to be seen. But, people can occasionally look with a clarity of vision necessary to make their own decisions. Those decisions would be based on what’s actually there as opposed to the staged and packaged performances we regularly get.

People say we’re a classless society; that we are equals and as such deserving of being the dream all people should aspire to in the world. This isn’t true anymore. Though the Founding Father originally wanted that classless society they soon proved only those with money and connections could afford to remove themselves from their labors for the time necessary to debate and enact laws and govern properly and regularly. This is the way it’s been and always will be until the next American Revolution.

Unfortunately, when our elected officials and those seeking public office gaze in admiration at the image reflected back at them, they see not a mere mortal, but a representative of God, or worse: God him/herself. The ego doesn’t allow for modesty and humility. That development was stunted the moment the politician first tasted the heady, numbing effect of accolade and victory in the political circus. They see themselves as the Ringmaster when they should approach their duties with the resolve and humility of the worker follows the animals with a shovel after the Grand Promenade. Their performance in many cases is more in alignment with the shovel’s target than producing results the American public needs and expects.

These people need to admit their fallibility to themselves first and then, entreat their audience to see their weaknesses as they present themselves to shadow their strengths. That’s humbling and necessary to establish the proper relationship between the people and their elected officials. Public service is accomplished from a position of fealty and subservience to those they serve and not the position of the nobility positioning themselves above it all.

The question arises: can any politician admit to anybody they are restricted in their personal and honest performance without first admitting it to themselves? Can nobody in their entourage bring them back from their self-appointment to Olympia and deposit them in the same world their electorates live? Can anybody bring them back to reality? This pursuit of integrity is an incisive way of proving the worth of the introspective person seeking true enlightenment.

I hope so because the consequences of NOT admitting their proper place in society is leading us backward to the place we first started as a new nation, under God, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all. That place was at the sharpened tip of Revolution.

It happened once and it CAN happen again.

Thanks for listening.



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