Here’s The Silliest Thing You’ll Read Today….

Brett Geymann is running for Congress, no we’re not making this up. According to La Politics and Jeremy Alford, he’s getting ready to run for Congressman Charles Boustany’s seat, if he runs for the Senate. He had the story up in today’s subscribers only part (and for $145 per year, you’d do yourself a favor by clicking here to subscribe).

Already there’s a lot of momentum in the Lafayette-Lake Charles-anchored district. “I’m gearing up for what I believe will be an open seat. I’m in. I am running,” said state Rep. Brett Geymann, R-Lake Charles. “I’ve already started meeting with folks across the district and I’m building an organization.” Also mentioned as a possibility is Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel, who is term limited and recently endorsed, along with Boustany, U.S. Sen. David Vitter for governor. Likewise on the shortlist for those who like handicapping races before they even become open is the name of Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, who is currently running for governor.

Here’s what we think about the prospect of Brett Geymann in Congress.

Brett Geymann is not a serious legislator. He proved that during the Common Core debate.He also opposed paycheck protection because it helped keep Common Core or something.

If Southwest Louisiana somehow elected Geymann to Congress, they would have very ineffective representation at the least. He also would be seeking the nearest camera available to advocate the latest conservative “hot button” issue and do it badly.

Geymann’s political career is dead and voters should let it rest in peace.




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