Jim Hawthorne’s Replacement Shows His Ass In The Wake Of The Chattanooga Massacre

UPDATE: Not sure he quite gets it…

ORIGINAL: This is not something you’re going to want to see if you’re an LSU fan – after all, there is a history of having a personal connection to the folks who do sports broadcasts on the LSU Sports Network, and the personalities therein become quite marketable properties among local advertisers, TAF and other stakeholders within the LSU community.

It’s going to be kinda hard to build that kind of status for Chris Blair, the recently-hired Voice Of The Tigers who’ll be taking over from Jim Hawthorne starting next year, after this stupid mistake…

It was inevitable that the gun-grabbing ghouls would come out of the woodwork in the wake of a mass shooting. It might have been less inevitable that it would happen in a case like Chattanooga, which was so obviously a jihadist attack and its effect was so obviously the product of stupid gun control regulations within the military which denied our uniform personnel the opportunity to defend themselves.

That LSU just hired one of the gun-grabbing ghouls to take over for Hawthorne, so that he could build a rapport with LSU’s fan base – a group of people more pro-2nd Amendment you will not find anywhere in America – might go down as one of the most amazing own goals in recent history.

Blair obviously has a lot to learn about the audience he’s being entrusted to communicate to. One wonders that once the fan base finds out they’re getting a Bob Costas wannabe to replace Hawthorne, whose personal positions on gun control or abortion or Barack Obama are beyond our knowledge and rightly so because he’s always understood his job and its limits and the wisdom of not pissing off half (or more) of his customers for no good reason, they’re not going to like it.

Has Blair’s contract been signed? Perhaps the offer to him might be revisited. Otherwise LSU could be bringing on a ruptured duck as a front man for its broadcasts.



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