The Obligatory Clay Higgins Crimestoppers Video

Because 1.3 million YouTube views in five days is…what’s the word?


I even spelled it right.

They call this guy Clay Higgins, who’s a Lieutenant with the St. Landry sheriff’s department, the Cajun John Wayne. Jean Wayne, or somethin’. And he does these Crimestoppers videos on TV in Lafayette kinda like the ol’ Mid South Wrestling people did those interviews before the matches. Lotsa macho talk and clownin’ on the bad guys.

This one is obviously the biggest and best of all of ’em. It went viral and they actually had it on the Tonight Show earlier this week. Why they haven’t gotten Higgins to go appear on the Tonight Show I dunno. Maybe he needs some better people. Who can have Jimmy Fallon’s people call them.

Either way, the kid who hit Stelly’s Supermarket’s gonna get caught and everybody in Acadiana is gonna laugh their butts off at him.



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