The White House’s Spiked Fence Is Now More Treacherous Than The Southern Border

It is now easier to get into the country as an illegal immigrant than to try to get across to the White House lawn.

The Obama administration has apparently listened to critics who have been demanding him to ‘build a fence.’ However, the Obama administration isn’t applying that to the Southern border, rather they are concerned with White House trespassers.

For the past few weeks, the fence that surrounds the White House from the street in Washington DC has been upgraded with even more spikes so that it is nearly impossible for trespassers to get onto the White House lawn.

The Southern border, however, has been neglected for sometime now.

Most recently, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken a hard hit from some conservatives, liberals and the media for speaking about the criminal activity of many illegal immigrants who have fled Mexico and crossed the Southern border.

For these illegal immigrants, crossing the border was probably no big deal because it is not all that secure. And it’s certainly not as secure as the White House.

Take a look:

Influx of Children Crossing the United States - Mexican Border Continues souther border1



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