To Hell With “Caitlyn” Jenner, And To Hell With Disney

By now our readers know that last night Bruce Jenner, who is getting paid tens of millions of dollars for a reality show about going from a transvestite to a transexual, received the Arthur Ashe “Courage” award last night at the ESPY’s. The word about that had leaked a long time ago and there was lots of reaction to it.

What you might not know is how that award was decided upon. Radar Online has the story

ESPN has come under fire for awarding Caitlyn Jenner the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs Wednesday night. But has learned, it wasn’t initially their idea! According to an insider, Jenner’s reps approached the network suggesting she receive the award — and offering PR plugs on her upcoming docuseries in return.

According to an insider, negotiations started as Jenner’s publicist was finalizing the terms of her interview with Diane Sawyer.

Her agents approached ESPN, which is owned by Disney like Sawyer’s ABC, “and they suggested that she receive the Arthur Ashe award,” the source claimed. “It was a brilliant move because the executives at ESPN loved the idea, and immediately began making sure it got done. Caitlyn’s journey to accepting the award will also be featured on her upcoming reality show, I am Cait.”

“There was a hiccup during the talks about Caitlyn receiving the award, and her reps were prepared to pull her interview with Diane Sawyer if she didn’t get it,” the source said. “It was ironed out, and ABC owns one of the biggest stories of the year.”

So “courage” is now defined as having your PR team pitch your saga of self-mutilation and mental illness as ratings bait to a media conglomerate, and to package yourself as a cross-marketing vehicle.

That’s “courage.” And Disney/ABC went along with the scam – essentially destroying the credibility of an award made meaningful by previous winners like Jim Valvano, Todd Beamer (of United Flight 93 fame) and Pat Tillman, among others.

Of course, Michael Sam won it last year, so now “courage” as defined by ESPN means telling people about your sexual orientation, and if you do that while being connected in some way to the sports world you can get what used to be a fairly prestigious award for it.

There are people out there who want to celebrate “Caitlyn” Jenner for becoming a woman, which is a bit of magical thinking at work – because that’s a man, not a woman, and fake boobs and castration don’t change your DNA if you’re a man. There is very little salutary in what’s happening here – gender dysphoria is mental illness, and it needs to be treated rather than celebrated. But since we’re in the grip of people who are bent on tearing down every edifice of our society and culture, you aren’t allowed to say that – and now, the cultural fascists who want to force this horror show down our throats have a celebrity to use as a tool.

You’re only allowed to discuss how beautiful “Caitlyn” is. Just don’t look at “her” hands, else you might forget the tale the DNA tells. And you’re only allowed to see the glamorous side of a sex change, as the reality show aimed at America will propagandize for us – you won’t see the misery and dysfunction attendant in people suffering from that illness.

So we’ll go from almost no one needing a sex change to a booming business in it, and the need to attach trannies to the civil rights movement.

It’s courageous, sure. Because everyone gets paid $50 million to amputate their genitals and grow their celebrity in the bargain.

Time was, a nation’s cultural elite was expected to exemplify and enforce its best values. Our cultural elite is a collection of freaks and frauds. And the media who present them to us is a parliament of whores.

To hell with the whole thing.



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