#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Make It Clear They Want To Kill Cops And Whitey This Weekend

Our publisher Scott McKay likes to call #BlackLivesMatter “an unofficial lobby for street criminals.” While that is true to an extent, they’re far more than that. The #BlackLivesMatter bunch are many different groups.

Some in the movement are genuinely in it to change the culture of policing in the United States. Indeed some affiliated with it put out a  proposal to reform policing that is worth discussing.

Meanwhile, others in the movement are hellbent on killing cops and starting a race war. That second stream was on display in two places this weekend.

First up in Minnesota, #BlackLivesMatter disrupted the Minnesota State Fair this weekend.

Black Lives Matter protesters marching on the Minnesota state fair on Saturday spewed violent anti-cop rhetoric just hours after a Harris County, Tex. sheriff’s deputy was ambushed and executed at a Houston-area gas station.

“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” activists with the St. Paul, Minn. branch of Black Lives Matter chanted while marching behind a group of police officers down a highway just south of the state fair grounds.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, a #BlackLivesMatter affiliated mob attacked a U.S. Air Force mechanic during a protest. (h/t: IJ Review)

Matthew Whitehurst is a 23-year-old Air Force jet engine mechanic who has served in the Middle East, Japan, and South Korea. But, it’s an assault in Uptown Charlotte that could keep him from a special deployment to Europe next month.

“I’m angry and I want whoever did this to pay for what they did,” Matthew’s father, Todd Whitehurst, said.

He said his son and two friends spent Saturday night at the Panthers game. They left early, headed to uptown for some pizza.

Matthew told his father the three walked by the Transit Center just as protesters against the Kerrick Mistrial got to the Transit Center and the EpiCenter. He said they were assaulted – he was sucker punched from behind. The blow fractured his jaw.

I’m going to take a guess and say these protesters in either state really don’t give a shit about police brutality. They’re involved in this “movement” just to cause violence against cops and white people. Many of these people are 1960s radical wannabes. Others are out there simply pushing Cultural Marxism as a way to divide Americans by race and occupation.

As this movement gets more radical, they’ll eventually hurt their own cause and those who embrace it. The movement is essentially an offshoot of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party. As #BlackLivesMatter continues its quest to alienate anyone and everyone, voters will turn on the party that’s affiliated with it.

Finally, those who want to see reforms in policing are hurting themselves by joining forces with #BlackLivesMatter. As they grow more violent and more radical, the American people will move to support more powers for the police and not reform.





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