Damon Baldone Wants To Be The First Political Hermaphrodite In Louisiana

Former State Rep. Damon Baldone, who was a Democrat when he was in the state House wants to return. This time he wants to not only be a Democrat, but he wants to register as a Republican as well.

The problem with Baldone’s plan, other than the fact it’s nonsensical, is that it’s illegal in Louisiana. Louisiana does not have dual party registration unlike New York state.

According to LA Politics, the Terrebonne Parish Registrar of Voters rejected the application and Baldone is suing for his right to be a political hermaphrodite.

Depending on how the 32nd Judicial District rules, it could be a precedent-setting case.

The registrar only allowed Baldone to register his party affiliation as “other.”

“I believe I have the constitutional right to affiliate with both parties,” Baldone, who was a Democrat, told LaPolitics. “When I return to the Legislature I want to be in both rooms and talk to both sides.”

Baldone said he will qualify next month to run in House District 52, which is being left vacant by House Natural Resources Chairman Gordy Dove, R-Houma, who is term limited and campaigning for Terrebonne Parish president.

While Baldone, an attorney who describes himself as “100 percent pro-life before and after the child is born,” could have just as easily registered as independent, or non-affiliated, he said he has growing concerns about what a splinted, two-party system could do to the Louisiana Legislature.

“I want to head that off,” said Baldone. “Washington politics have been seeping into Louisiana and it’s time to recognize that many of us share beliefs with both parties.”

The problem is not the “growing partisanship” in Louisiana politics. The problem is the lack of partisanship in the Legislature. We have “Republicans” like Lance Harris and Jay Morris and many of their fellow travelers who vote and act like Democrats. At least Baldone is more honest than them.

Baldone’s lifetime score with LABI is 70%, but in his last year in the Legislature he got a pitiful 27%. In that case he should fit right in with Lance Harris and Jay Morris.

But otherwise Baldone’s cries that he’s a conservative Republican should be taken as seriously as Mitch Landrieu saying “crime is down” in New Orleans.




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