Planned Parenthood Strikes Back Against Jindal

Surprisingly, when you go after someone’s source of income, they get rather upset. Just ask Bobby Jindal.

Planned Parenthood is taking legal action against Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) in an attempt to save its state funding.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Planned Parenthood asks a federal court to block what it describes as “Jindal’s illegal efforts” to strip away the Medicaid funding that helps run their clinics.

“We’re in court today to protect over 5,200 people’s access to cancer screenings, well-woman exams, and basic health care in Louisiana,” Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement, citing the number of women enrolled through Medicaid who use the provider’s services.

She blasted Jindal’s efforts against Planned Parenthood, which she said will “ensure women’s cancer will get worse before it’s caught and that HIV and other infections will spread.”

It is Planned Parenthood’s first legal step in response to the undercover video controversy spurred by anti-abortion-rights activists this summer.

With the dropping of yet another Planned Parenthood video today, in which a StemExpress official says they’re still looking for another “50 livers a week” (that is, 50 dead children a week) and that they really like whole samples (you know, the entire child), anyone can see that this is headed nowhere good. As a result, they are feeling the heat and they want to hold on to as much of that sweet, sweet taxpayer money as long as possible. Enter Jindal, who has the honor of being the recipient of the first lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood likes to tell us all the things they do with taxpayer money, but they also fail to tell you the other things, like spending $20,000 or more attacking GOP presidential candidates. Perhaps the embattled abortion provider wouldn’t be in such a money pinch if they used their money solely on health-related purposes.

If the lawsuit fails to reverse Jindal’s decision, then it is a huge boon for Jindal, who is currently trailing in the presidential polls. He will be the first candidate this cycle to square off with the increasingly unpopular organization. Furthermore, PP wants to open up a new facility in New Orleans that will provide abortions, making this a doubly-beneficial fight for the governor.



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