The Best Anchorman Since Ron Burgundy, Only This Guy Is Real

For those of us who not only hate the Kardashians but honestly believe they’re destroying American culture, this shines like gold.

Fox 35 in Orlando was coming to the end of their morning show Friday. And at the end of morning news shows, which are driven by a mostly female demographic and therefore targeted for that demo, you will find the most meaningless, dopey content imaginable.

And the Kardashians are featured ad nauseam in these segments.

Friday on Fox 35 saw one of the more egregious examples – apparently the station’s news director decided it would be a good idea to inform the people of Orlando that Kylie Jenner had a new pet rabbit she was calling “Bruce,” and the male anchor John Brown had enough. And so…

So here was Brown yesterday, explaining why he walked off the set in protest…

FOX 35 News Orlando

It’s entirely correct that the media is attempting to give the public what it thinks the public wants, and it’s also correct the public will eat what is served to it – meaning that with things like the Kardashians there’s a feedback loop which makes it possible for TV news to actually want to do stories about Kylie Jenner giving a rabbit the name her father had before he decided to mutilate himself.

Brown had enough, and refused to do it, and the public said “THANK YOU.”

Which won’t stop the stupid Kardashian coverage, but maybe it will knock it down a bit. If it went away forever, our culture would benefit. For our part at the Hayride we’d be ecstatic if the Kardashians went away completely.



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