The Center For Medical Progress’ 6th Planned Parenthood Video Is Out…

…this one, thankfully, isn’t graphic like some of the previous ones have been. It’s still tough to watch, though, as it’s 10 minutes of an interview with Holly O’Donnell, a former lab technician for Stem Express, a company which brokered “fetal tissue,” or body parts, between Planned Parenthood and medical researchers. O’Donnell tells the story of what it’s like inside a Planned Parenthood clinic and the pressure put on that organization’s clients – mostly young girls with unplanned pregnancies who are emotional wrecks but are seen by Planned Parenthood as little cash factories.

O’Donnell’s disclosures go so far as to allege that Planned Parenthood and Stem Express were taking fetal body parts from pregnant women who didn’t even consent to the taking. While that’s not a shocking thing, it’s a significant thing – because after all, if you’re going to Planned Parenthood and they’re willing to take that tissue without your express consent it’s clear that they see you as a mine. You’re nothing more than raw material to be converted to marketable goods. Your baby represents a direct cash payment and its parts are a secondary, and even perhaps more profitable, marketable resource.

And the later the term that baby is, the more money its parts are worth.

Is there any doubt why Planned Parenthood believes it’s not a baby until it leaves the hospital? Money, that’s why.

For more on this subject, check out the Red Bayou Show from last week – in which Scott and Brian discuss these videos with Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum.



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