VIDEO: Scott Angelle Has A New Ad Out And It’s Pretty Good

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Angelle has a new ad out. It talks about expanding the technical and community colleges to meet the workforce demands in Louisiana.

Angelle points out that 60% of the new jobs in Louisiana will require more than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year degree. He also says that “Not everyone needs to go to college, but everyone needs to work. That includes the able-bodied on welfare.” The ad closes by saying we need more people pulling the wagon, not riding it; which has been an Angelle theme.

While the ad was light on specifics, it is good to see the two-year college systems in this state being talked about. It also reminds Louisianians that we have overinvested in the four-year colleges and underinvested in the two-year system.

I’m also curious whether the Angelle campaign will pivot to welfare reform in the wake of this commercial.



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