We Changed Servers Over The Weekend

Those of our readers might have noticed over the last couple of months that when traffic has been especially heavy on the Hayride the site has been a bit slow to load, and sometimes it has kicked back timeout or error messages.

We noticed that as well, so we did something about it. On Sunday we migrated to a new server that our web hosting company is all excited about. This new server is reportedly a whole lot faster and has more bandwidth available, and it should be able to handle a lot more traffic than we’ve been getting without breaking a sweat.

Which is welcome news with the elections, and the traffic we expect them to trail in here, coming up.

But since we’re only a day removed from the switch, it’s inevitable there might be some of you whose computers desperately want to show the old site. That does happen when a website switches servers; it takes a day or two for all the browsers to resolve to it and show the updated version. Some of us here at the Hayride have been fighting that issue, too.

Which means today is a bit of a shakeout day for us, and as a result we’re doing a bit of a light workload. We’re not going to do a Nooner, in case there are a lot of you who would hit the links to the new articles and not be able to see them, which would result in e-mails moaning about it.

By tomorrow, the coast ought to be clear and we’ll be back up and running with a full slate of content along our normal lines. And hopefully, you’ll notice a lot less time spent waiting for the site to load as you navigate it.

Thanks for your patience.



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