4 Issues Pope Francis Must Address On His Trip Around America

Just as Pope Francis is set to visit America next week for the first time during his reign as the high priest of the Catholic Church, there is much for Francis to discuss with the American people.

However, these four issues perhaps should be at the top of Pope Francis’ list, as these are the issues American Catholics are the most concerned about:


#1: The fight against abortion disguised as ‘women’s healthcare’

Maybe the most disturbing news to American Catholics across the country has been the falsehood and lies that make up the country’s number one abortion provider: Planned Parenthood. Though Pope Francis does not have to specifically mention Planned Parenthood, he should undoubtedly be discussing the importance of human life and the dignity that it deserves. Also, Francis should mention the lie that is the country’s abortion industry, which is that it disguises itself as ‘women’s healthcare.’ He could also go after the fight between the Obama administration and Catholic organizations where Catholics are being forced to provide birth control and abortion-related drugs under Obamacare.


#2: The truth about income inequality

Pope Francis is known by Catholics as being to the left of Pope John Paul II when it comes to economic issues. However, there is no denying the facts that income inequality is the worst in America in deep blue states like California and Connecticut. Francis should acknowledge how the over abundant use of welfare programs and state-assistance actually hurts the poor even more, rather than helping them, as evident in states run by Democrats.


#3: The Right to Religious Liberty

In America, the evangelical community and even those outside of the religious community see a direct persecution of the Christian faith occurring.  Whether it be priests and deacons having their sermons confiscated and reviewed by the state or the media building up news stories that depict Christians as hateful bigot, let’s hope Pope Francis addresses the real problem of the state’s attack on Christians.


#4: The global ignorance of persecuted Christians

Everyday, the American people hear about how horrible Muslim refugees are being treated oversees in the Middle East by ISIS and the Syrian government. But, rarely do we ever hear about the mass persecution of Christians for decades now in the Middle East. There is a biased emphasis on Muslims suffering in the Middle East versus Christians suffering. It is important for the leader of the Catholic Church to acknowledge the suffering of all those who lead a faith-filled life, no matter their religion, but perhaps Pope Francis should especially focus on how persecuted Christians have been ignored in the Middle East.



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