EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind The So-Called ‘Unrest’ Happening At New Orleans’ Confederate Monuments

With the prospects of four Confederate-related monuments being removed in the city of New Orleans, most notably Lee Circle and PGT Beauregard’s City Park statue, NOPD Police Chief Michael Harrison has stated in a letter that the monuments should be removed.

Harrison’s request to Mayor Mitch Landrieu is a no-brainer, as almost every department of New Orleans city government has conveniently sent a letter to the mayor, asking that the monuments be removed.

However, Harrison’s reasoning behind removing the four monuments is what has been causing quite a stir on social media.

Here’s why Harrison said the monuments should be removed:

harrison letter

Here is the issue with Harrison’s assertion that there is some kind of unrest occurring at the four monuments in New Orleans: It’s just not true.

There have not been any violent protests at any of the monuments put on by the opposition. In fact, there was only one or two Confederate-related protests at Lee Circle over the last year.

And, make no mistake, the vandalism that has occurred this year by #BlackLivesMatter protesters on the four monuments only happened after Landrieu requested that they be removed because they represent racism.

That vandalism was directly incited by the Landrieu administration and arguably would have never occurred otherwise.

Harrison’s claim that he need to deploy NOPD officers to neighborhoods and not to unrest at the four monuments in the city portrays the image that violence has erupted around these monuments every day.

Not only is that not the case, it is entirely untrue.

At Lee Circle, there have only been a few violent crimes near the area since March of this year. All other crimes near the area had to do with fraud, shoplifting and theft.

Additionally, none of the crimes near Lee Circle this year have been cited by NOPD to have anything to do with the Robert E. Lee monument.



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