Hillary Clinton Isn’t Very Self-Aware, Is She?

And furthermore, her campaign people don’t appear to be very good.

If they were, you wouldn’t figure they’d sign off on the idea of having Hillary give speeches and make web ads about sexual assault that feature her telling women who are the victims of it that they have the right to be believed.

Like this, for example…

It’s completely insane to put Hillary Clinton in a position to talk about how women who are the victims of sexual assault should be given credibility. Insane.

Hillary Clinton is, after all, Bill Clinton’s wife. Bill Clinton is a serial sexual abuser of women, and his entire political career was marked by a parade of credible allegations by women not his wife that he engaged in severely inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature that, frankly, crossed the border into rape on more than one occasion.

Paula Jones ring a bell? Kathleen Willey? Monica Lewinsky, for crying out loud? (Yes, Lewinsky’s tryst with Clinton in the Oval Office was consensual, but the difference between the President and an intern is so pronounced that on its face it was abusive.)

In each one of those cases Hillary Clinton didn’t grant the accuser the “right to be believed.” Instead, Hillary took the lead in attacking the accuser and intimating that the allegation was being made for monetary gain or some other base motive. She concocted the phrase “vast right-wing conspiracy” to explain why her husband was constantly beset with allegations of sexual misconduct while she was dismissing his adulterous and abusive behavior.

And now she’s going to make the “right to be believed” for sexual assault victims on college campuses a key part of her presidential campaign?

How is that not just going to open this woman up to a mountain of ridicule?

Somebody, please explain this one.



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