Is Bobby Jindal Getting Ready To Get Out Of The Presidential Race? Don’t Bet On It

The political media has been buzzing about which candidates are about to get out of the presidential race. One of the most frequent names being tossed around is Bobby Jindal.

Politico wrote an article about the how Republican insiders see him as one of the next to follow the lead of Rick Perry and Scott Walker. Here’s what they say about Jindal’s campaign:

A quarter of Iowa Republicans say it’s Jindal, a frequent visitor to their state, who is on his way out.

“He’s become desperate,” an Iowa Republican said. “He’s taken to attacking Trump (we know how that worked out for Perry and Walker) and has nothing going on here in Iowa.”

Added another, who like all participants was granted anonymity in order to speak freely: “He’s taken the hard inside right lane, and there’s simply too much competition there (Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum).”

The dying New Jersey owned crawfish liner known as the Times-Picayune eagerly jumped on the Politico article. They were so eager they had to issue a correction.

The thinking is Jindal should get out the race soon. He’s sitting at 0.4% nationally and in Iowa, he’s sitting at 3%. However, here are a few reasons why Jindal isn’t going anywhere.

  1. Jindal is having fun on the campaign trail. If Donald Trump is an internet comments section running for president then Jindal is an internet troll running for president. Jindal enjoys clowning his opponents at every opportunity. A lot of the time, he does it well.
  2. Jindal will have enough money to continue. Jindal won’t break any fundraising records but he’s essentially running a lean, one state operation. Jindal won’t run out of money and can make to the Iowa caucus.
  3. Jindal’s Iowa numbers, while not great, are actually trending in the right direction. Jindal seems to gain a little bit in each Iowa poll. If Huckabee, Cruz, or Carson slip, he maybe able to gain traction.

Now is Jindal going to win the Iowa caucus? Probably not. But he will be in the race until then.




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