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Criminal justice reform, a perennial lost cause for civil rights lefties, had its surprise bipartisan moment this year. Conservative Republican voices like anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers led campaigns against mass incarceration and mandatory drug sentences. GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush has embraced the pro-reform Right on Crime initiative, while Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have co-sponsored reform bills with liberal Democratic senators.” – Politico

“Television comedian, outsider, and reformer Jimmy Morales is poised to win the presidency of Guatemala.” – Brietbart

The Supreme Leader of Iran’s posted a new video to his Youtube channel Sunday with a warning message to the U.S.” – The Blaze

Germany’s decision to re-establish national border controls on its southern frontier with Austria deals a telling blow to two decades of open travel in the 26-nation bloc known as the Schengen area.” – Red State

“Not so much newsy as just something nice to share on a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday a massive number of folks showed up to continue to honor the memory of Deputy Darren Goforth, and perhaps equally to celebrate the lives of his fellow officers who remain on watch now that his has ended.” – Hot Air

“As Cortney wrote, Vice President Joe Biden was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he opened up about his son’s death, which drew a raw emotional response that was just as much heartwarming as it was tragic. At the same time, it indirectly impacted Hillary Clinton, who isn’t as emotional–and comes off as poll-tested and wooden. It’s become so bad that her campaign announced that they would be manufacturing spontaneity on the campaign trail in an effort to make her more human.” – Town Hall

“With the Iran nuclear deal debate essentially over, Congress now turns to several other pressing issues, particularly agreeing on a temporary spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1.” – Fox News

“The American justice system is supposed to be fair and impartial. That is why Lady Justice is depicted blindfolded. When liberals have their way, that’s not always what happens. In politically correct cases the left, with media support, has a tendency to rush to judgment and/or attempt to manipulate conditions to ensure the verdict they want. That their attempts haven’t had much of a success rate so far doesn’t change the fact that this is a dangerous trend, one that needs to be recognized and addressed.” – Conservative Daily News

“House Speaker John A. Boehner has hinted at a lawsuit to stop President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, but legal analysts doubted such a move would work, saying it’s exactly the kind of case judges will steer clear of.” – Washington Times

There she is.” – Nola.com


Miss Louiaiana was named third runner-up in the Miss America pageant Sunday in Atlantic City.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“Louisiana voters are either losing their historic interest in politics or they are happy with the public officials they have already elected. Those are the conclusions that can be drawn from the fact that no challengers qualified in 43 percent of the offices on the Oct. 24 primary ballot.” – American Press

“GOP presidential candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took a swing at GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during a speech Thursday at the National Press Club, labeling him a ‘narcissist.'” – CSN News

“Louisiana Senator and candidate for Governor David Vitter was in Monroe today.” – MyArkLaMiss.com

“Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration is trying a new approach to remove Planned Parenthood from Louisiana’s Medicaid program, this time saying it has a reason to block the organization’s clinics.” – ABC News

“Nearly half of Louisiana’s state lawmakers have won re-election to new four-year terms without having to campaign, when no one signed up this week to challenge them.” – The Republic

“The Jay Dardenne For Governor Campaign has taken a creative flare as noted Louisiana musicians, artists, actors, and chefs, including chef Jay Ducote, 2015 Grammy Award winner Jo-el Sonnier, musician Zachary Richard,  actors Louis Herthum and Faith Ford,  artist Ann Connolly,  and others announced their support for Dardenne.” – Bayou Buzz

“The NOPD are investigating a traffic fatality that claimed the life of a 47-year-old woman today.” – WGNO.com

Teal hunters were hopeful Saturday’s cold front would push a bunch of birds into Louisiana, but at least on four of the coast’s most popular wildlife management areas, the front may have done nothing but drive birds out of the area.” –NOLA.com

“Welcome to Film Room, our weekly analysis of LSU’s last football game. Have a seat. No talking. No tweeting. No texting. Pay attention.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate



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