These New Orleans Agencies Are Wasting Your Tax Dollars While Proving Themselves To Be Useless

Bureaucracy is most of the time useless and always at the expense of the taxpayer.

These four commissions, agencies or committees that the city of New Orleans upholds as important to serving the public and hearing public opinion are not only the most useless, they do the exact opposite of what they claim to actually do.

And most of the time, they’re ‘yes men’ for Mayor Mitch Landrieu.


#1: Historic Landmark Commission

The Historic Landmark Commission (HLC) is tasked with preserving historic landmarks and historic districts in the city outside of the Vieux Carre. But, don’t think for a second that is what this agency actually does.

This 12-member commission voted 11-1 last month to remove Robert E. Lee Circle, the City Park PGT Beauregard monument, the Jefferson Davis monument and Liberty Monument.

Naturally, the votes were decided before the meeting even began, as the opposition to removing the monuments far outweighed the support, according to sources inside the commission meeting. That is because this 12-member commission are appointed by Landrieu himself, and therefore are expected to be yes men, which they are certainly proving themselves to be.


#2: Vieux Carré Commission

The Vieux Carre Commission (VCC) is yet another agency that “protects, preserves, and maintains the distinct architectural, historic character, and zoning integrity” of the area. Again, that is not what they actually do.

This Landrieu-appointed board voted last night to remove the Battle of Liberty Monument after hearing from over a dozen members of the public.

Just like the Historic Landmark Commission, this board had their minds made up ahead of time. Why? Because Landrieu probably asked them to be on-board with him on this issue.

More yes men!

Ironically, the Vieux Carre Commission Foundation, which works alongside the VCC, sent a letter to one constituent saying “The VCC Foundation does not assert itself in political advocacy issues such as the monument dispute.”

But, the VCC which the foundation works with has no problem inserting itself into the issue?


#3: Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission (HRC), as you probably guessed, is another Landrieu-appointed board tasked with preserving equal rights in the city, so long as they can trample on the legacy and history of one groups’ ancestors though.

Last month, the HRC voted unanimously to remove all four Confederate-related monuments in New Orleans. And just like the last two agencies, this board had their mind made up ahead of time as well.

See a pattern? Whenever a Landrieu-appointed board is involved, they do as Landrieu wants.


#4: Governmental Affairs Committee

The Governmental Affairs Committee is made up of New Orleans City Council members Stacy Head, Jared Brossett, LaToya Cantrell, Susan Guidry and Nadine Ramsey.

This is what this committee is supposed to do: “Review recommendations for appointments to boards and commissions and provides citizens a greater understanding of how the Council, the Administration and the community work together through various boards and commissions.”

“It will also assume the responsibility for matters previously handled by three Special Committees of the Council: Pensions and Retirement Committee, Competitive Selection Committee, and Official Journal and New Orleans Register Ordinances Committee, and assume the responsibility for election code and reapportionment issues when necessary.”

Of course, however, that is not what they seem to be doing.

Today, when an agenda item went before the New Orleans City Council asking why the council was not looking into removing the Andrew Jackson monument as well, the council referred the proposal to the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Why? We are not exactly sure, as the Governmental Affairs Committee does not handle issues like public opinion on historical monuments.



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